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Royal Author Angela Levine Slams Meghan Markle, Calls Her ‘Nobody Without Members of The Royal Family’

As a result of their documentary that was released on Netflix, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry found themselves in the middle of a contentious discussion. There are many people who dislike the Duchess of Sussex, ranging from royal fans to other news professionals who have spoken out against her. Authors and journalists with a good reputation, such as Piers Morgan and Angela Levin, did not spare the couple’s criticisms.

Angela Levin, a journalist for royal publications, felt incensed at the Duchess of Sussex after seeing the first three parts of the most recent documentary series about Harry and Meghan. Markle has been subjected to severe criticism from all directions ever since the former made a series of inflammatory comments about the royal family and the behaviour of its members. In addition to this, Levin appeared on GBnews where he once again expressed his animosity toward the formerly successful American actress.

Angela Levin pours hatred on Meghan Markle after the release of the documentary series

Angela Levine made a startling declaration almost as soon as the interview got underway, saying that Meghan Markle “would be nothing without the royal family.” She went on to mock the lack of appreciation and respect shown for the British Imperial Family, which has existed for over a hundred years. Levin threw gasoline on the flames when he made his remarks about the different contradicting statements regarding those presented in the six-part documentary series (figuratively speaking). A prominent commentator was unable to resist the urge to label the Duchess as “shameful” for the once-great hierarchy of Britain.

However, this is not the first time a royal writer has verbally insulted Meghan Markle; in fact, it has happened multiple times. The author does not miss a beat when it comes to keeping track of the Duchess and her every action. She unleashed a barrage of vicious insults on the couple who had chosen to live a life of self-imposed exile, and she even jokingly considered stripping them of their titles. Levin accused Markle of veering off the road leading to the Palace in a subsequent chat with GB News. The accusation was that she wanted to have control over everything. Markle allegedly believed she knew better and wanted to “unquestionably enforce her standards” because she thought she was more informed.

A major catastrophe also occurred in connection with the passing of the queen. The gestures that Markle made were criticised by the royal biographer after the public saw the Duchess of Sussex wiping away tears from her face while she was in a bad mood. Angel Levin then made a joke about how the Duchess isn’t being sincere, and he said this.

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