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Roxy Jacenko Plastic Surgery: Before and After Images

The amazing story of Australian businesswoman and socialite Roxy Jacenko Plastic Surgery, who talks freely about her journey with plastic surgery, including a nose job and two breast jobs.
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Roxy Jacenko Plastic Surgery

Roxy Jacenko has been very open about the plastic surgery she’s had. One of the most important surgeries she had was a rhinoplasty in 2015. This changed the shape of her nose to fix a drooping tip and a bump on the top. Even though the surgery made her nose look better and helped her breathe better, it also caused some problems.

Because of the surgery, Roxy got a blood illness, which made things hard. She has also had two breast reconstructions. The first was when she was 24 years old, and the second was after she beat breast cancer in 2018. Roxy has also talked about how much she loves cosmetic fillers and Botox injections.


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In 2022, she got rid of her famous lip fillers in favor of a treatment called the lip flip, which made her lips look more natural. Even though there have been problems, Roxy hasn’t changed her mind about spending money on cosmetic processes to make herself look better.

Roxy Jacenko Before and After

Roxy Jacenko’s change in appearance has been well-reported, which has caught the attention of her fans on social media and the general public. Roxy shared a rare old video on Instagram that showed what she looked like before she had plastic surgery. She has had several surgeries over the years, including a rhinoplasty to change the shape of her nose and two boob jobs to improve her general appearance.

Roxy Jacenko Plastic Surgery

As part of her beauty routine, she also gets Botox and fillers, which give her lips and face features more volume and definition. Roxy’s openness about her cosmetic path has led to important conversations about body positivity and self-acceptance, challenged societal beauty standards, and given others the power to make choices that lead to confidence and happiness. By telling her story, she urges people to be proud of their choices and work toward feeling comfortable in their own skin.

Roxy Jacenko Age

Roxy Jacenko is 43 years old as of this date in 2023. She was born on June 8, 1980. Roxy has had a lot of success as a businessman and socialite, and she has made a name for herself in the field of public relations. Her journey has been marked by both her success at work and her willingness to talk about her experiences with plastic surgery.

Even though Roxy has had problems along the way, her openness about her decisions has earned her respect and admiration from both her followers and the general public.

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Her desire to talk about how she changed her appearance has started important conversations about self-acceptance, beauty standards, and how people have the freedom to make choices that make them feel better about themselves and happier.

Roxy Jacenko’s Lip Transformation

In 2022, Roxy Jacenko’s lip change made news because she decided to get rid of her well-known lip fillers in favor of something more “natural” called the lip flip. Instead of adding volume and fullness to the lips, as traditional lip fillers do, the lip flip treatment involves strategically injecting Botox into certain parts of the upper lip to bring out the cupid’s bow and give it more shape.

Roxy’s choice of lip flip shows that she is willing to try out different cosmetics to get the look she wants. By choosing a process that gives a subtle improvement while keeping a more natural look, Roxy continues to start conversations about being yourself and encourages other people to think about a wide range of options when it comes to their own cosmetic choices.

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Roxy Jacenko’s Journey to Self-Confidence

Roxy Jacenko’s journey to self-confidence has been marked by her honesty about cosmetic treatments and her firm belief that people should accept the choices they make. During her trip, she has run into problems, like getting a blood infection after a rhinoplasty, but she hasn’t changed her mind about what she wants to do.

Roxy is sure that there is no shame in trying to improve your looks if it makes you feel better about yourself and makes you happy. Her honesty has led to important talks about how beauty standards affect people and how taking charge of one’s own story can make people feel more powerful.

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By telling her story, Roxy challenges social norms and encourages others to welcome their own unique paths to self-confidence. She also reinforces the idea that self-acceptance is not only freeing but also empowering in the modern world.

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