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Rokudo Bad Girls Season 2: What Can We Expect from Season 2!

Rokudo’s Bad Girls is a Japanese anime show based on the manga series of the same name. It was written by Yichir Momose. The series has become very popular among people who like Anime because of its interesting story and strong female leads.

Even though they are very different, they learn to work together through the ups and downs of jail life. High marks have been given to the show for its interesting story, great acting, and realistic portrayal of life in jail. As a Rokudo member, I’m looking forward to the start of Season 2 of Bad Girls.

The show already has a lot of fans, and people can’t wait for Season 2. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming second season of Bad Girls on Rokudo. It will include a recap of the first season, plot speculation, show hype, and more.

Rokudo’s Bad Girls Season 2 Release date

The second season of the famous supernatural action anime Bad Girls by Rokudo is getting ready to start! The show started airing in 2020, and its fans love it very much. The exact date for Season 2’s release has been set for Soon.

Season 2, on the other hand, is likely to come out sometime in 2024. Fans of the show should keep an eye out for more information about the third season, which is likely to be coming out soon.

Rokudo Bad Girls Season 2

What Is The Storyline Of Rokudo’s Bad Girls Season 2

Tousuke Rokudou, a first-year student at Amori High, a school where most of the students are criminals, wants to live in peace with his friends. But this seems impossible because his bad-behaving peers pick on him all the time.

When Rokudou and his friends are at their worst, his grandfather, who has been dead for a long time, sends him a strange package. Inside is a priest’s robe and a mysterious scroll that has been in his family since the Japanese Heian period. The scroll is said to have a way to keep monsters and bad things away.

He does the procedure to make the scroll’s power work so he can fight the criminals who are hurting him. Once a bad girl stops a bully from picking on Rokudou, Rokudou’s friends learn that using the scroll doesn’t protect the user from evil spirits and monsters, but it does make him popular with bad girls.

Rokudou promises to get stronger and use his power to make his dream of a peaceful school life come true. Along the way, he ends up with a group of troubled schoolgirls.

What Can We Expect from Rokudo’s Bad Girls Season 2

The way the first season ended with a cliffhanger says that Rokudo and Yoko’s relationship will be the main focus of the second season. As they talk about their pasts together, we might expect their tensions to rise. The other inmates will also keep going through their jail sentences, which will have their own drama and trouble.

In one peek for season 2, Rokudo talks to Yoko about how her father might have had something to do with her sister’s death. This scene is powerful and emotional, and it’s clear that this storyline will be important next season. Fans are already making guesses about what will happen next with the story and the characters.

Rokudo Bad Girls Season 2

Rokudo’s Bad Girls Season 2 Rating

Rokudo’s Bad Girls has been praised by both fans and critics. Critics have mostly liked the show, and on IMDb, they have given it an average rate of 6.7/10. High marks have been given to the show for how realistically it shows prison life and how the inmates connect with each other.

Rokudo’s Bad Girls Season 2 Review

After reading the story summary, you come to the conclusion that this anime is sexist and celebrates how women are used. This is not like most shows here. The idea of the show is that Tousuke Rokudo can make ‘bad girls’ like him. But it should also be said that Roduko uses this power to change both men and women who have done wrong.

One of the first bad people Rokudo tries to help isn’t even a girl. He is someone who picked on Rokuto in the past. In addition to the main male character, there are three other important male roles. This is not the same as a normal harem.

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Rokudo is seen as a wimp at first, but he works hard to overcome his weaknesses and protect himself and his friends. Unlike another cartoon I won’t name, Rokudo doesn’t complain about how things are going. It’s nice that he doesn’t just stand there like an idiot and do nothing to solve a problem. His plans really do solve problems.

The women in this show are well-developed and interesting. In other words, they each have their own reasons for being the way they are and are not all the same. Fan service also gets the female characters in this show excited. So I can watch this without getting annoyed by the bikinis and leg shorts worn by the women.

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