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Robbie Williams Defends His Performance in the Qatar World Cup.

Robbie Williams has provided a response in light of the criticism that he has received for being invited to speak at the World Cup in Qatar.

The artist gave an explanation for his decision to perform at the Doha Golf Club on December 8 in an interview that was conducted exclusively with il Venerdi. In reference to activities taken by the Chinese government that are analogous to those he described, he stated to an Italian publication that “anyone who leaves messages saying ‘no to Qatar’ is doing it using Chinese technology.” poor standing in the community of human rights advocates.

He went on to remark, “You have this microscope that tells the world, ‘OK, these are the villains, and we need to mobilise against them.'” If we then apply this standard throughout the entire planet in an exclusive manner, nobody will be able to go anyplace.

The former member of Take That asserted that it would be “hypocritical” of him to skip his trip to Qatar “because of the places I visit.”

According to what he said, “I also think that these adjustments will take a long period.” “We warn them, ‘Behave like us or we will annex you from society,'” the speaker says. Act just like us, since we know how to get things done the proper way.

Williams stated, “I do not condone any infringement of human rights anyplace,” and he emphasised this point. “But, as they say, if we don’t condone human rights breaches anywhere, then this will be the shortest tour the world has ever known: I won’t even be able to play in my own kitchen,” she said. “This will be the shortest tour the world has ever known.”

Richard Madley has expressed his disapproval of Williams and other celebrities, like David Beckham, who compete in the contentious competition. Madley’s comments may be seen here. Due to abuses of human rights in Qatar, FIFA has come under intense scrutiny for choosing that country to host the World Cup. The practise of homosexuality is still illegal in this country, and it is estimated that 6,500 construction workers perished while working on the Khalifa Stadium.

Madley stated the following month on Good Morning Britain: “It just appears to me that Robbie is going to Qatar for the money, the Black Eyed Peas are going to Qatar for the money, and David Beckham is backing Qatar for the money — they all support the dictatorship.” [via StokeonTrentLive].

Peter Frankenthal of Amnesty International urged on Williams to go public with his criticism of Qatar’s dismal track record regarding human rights. “Big stars like Robbie Williams have significant influence, and we would like for him to use this concert to publicly address the topic of Qatar’s poor human rights record,” he said [via The Mirror], adding that widespread violations of labour rights and the criminalization of LGBTI people were of particular concern to them.

The event received harsher criticism from some other artists. Dua Lipa denied rumours that she was supposed to participate, calling on Qatar to fulfil the promises it made in the field of human rights when it received the right to host the World Cup tournament. Meanwhile, Rod Stewart turned down a one million pound offer to perform at the World Cup, stating that “this is wrong.”

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