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Regina Hall Net Worth: How Much Money Does Regina Make In a Year?

Regina Hall is a well-known American actress who is known for her amazing talents and comedic skills. Regina has been in many movies and TV shows, but her big break came when she played Brenda Meeks in the comedy-horror “Scary Movie” film series.

That amazing series made her very famous all over the world. The actress has a lot of fans in the business, and she has almost 3 million people who follow her on Instagram.

Regina Hall is also well-known for her roles in hit TV shows and movies like “Ally McBeal,” “Support the Girls,” and many more.


Full Name Regina Lee Hall
Nickname Regina
Age 51 years old
Date Of Birth 12 December 1970
Birth Place Washington, D.C., United States
Height 5 ft 4 in (162.5 cm)
Weight 58 kg (128 lbs)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Father Odie Hall
Mother Ruby Hall
Nationality American

Early Life

Regina Lee Hall was born in Washington, D.C., in the United States, on December 12, 1970. She comes from an African-American family. Ruby, her mother, is a teacher, and Odie, her father, is a farmer.

Hall was a contractor and electrician who died of a stroke when Regina was in her first semester of graduate school. Regina had a hard time as a child.

In 2004, her mother was told she had a disease called Scleroderma. She is telling people about the disease and how to avoid it.


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Moving on to her education, Regina graduated from Fordham University in 1992 with a major in English. Then she went to New York University, where she got a Master’s in Journalism and graduated in 1997.

She also worked as a waitress and then as an assistant in a dentist’s office. She liked acting, but her dad thought it would be hard for her to get into the entertainment business.

At the time, she was also interested in journalism, but Regina grew into an actor over time. During that time, Regina got her start in acting by being a guest star in the 1996 music video for the song “The Interview” by Wild Cowboys.


Regina Hall did her first TV commercial when she was 26 years old. Soon after, she made her acting debut in the TV show Loving in 1992.

Then she made some guest appearances on the police drama New York Undercover. Regina’s first movie was a romantic comedy called “The Best Man,” which came out in 1999. In it, she played Candy.


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She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career and get better chances. From 2001 to 2002, she played the main character, Coretta Lipp, on the TV show “Ally McBeal.”

She was in 25 episodes of the show. Regina became famous when she played Brenda Meeks in the comedy/horror film Scary Movie and its two, three, and four sequels.

After this series got so much praise, she offered to do a lot of big projects. Later, she played the main character in movies like “Malibu’s Most Wanted,” “King’s Ransom,” and “The Honeymooners,” all of which were huge hits.

The actress showed off her skills in the 2009 movies “Law Abiding Citizen” and “Mardi Gras,” where she played Ann Marie.

Regina played Deputy District Attorney Evelyn Price once more in the hit show “Law & Order: LA” in 2010. Regina Hall has been in some of the best movies, like “Vacation,” “Girls Trip,” “The Hate U Give,” and “Little” (2019).

Before that, in 2018, she was the lead actress in the comedy film “Support the Girls,” for which she won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress. This made her the first African American actress to win this award.


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Regina Hall Net Worth:

As of 2022, Regina Hall has a net worth of about $5 million US dollars. She is one of the hardest-working actresses in the movie business and has made a name for herself as a leading actress in the United States.

She has already made a good amount of money from her job, and over the last few years, her net worth has been steadily going up. In 2022, Regina Hall will make more than $1 Million a year.

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Aside from acting, she also makes a good amount of money from brand promotions, commercials, and other things. People think she is one of the best female comedians in the business. Regina’s career went to a very high level after she played successful roles in movies and TV shows.

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