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Queen of the Scene’ Netflix Korean Drama: When Will Netflix Release It?

Users of Netflix can look forward to a wide variety of Korean dramas in 2023, including the brand-new comedy series Queen of the Scene, which stars Gong Hyo Jin and Park Ha Sun. This page will always have the most recent information regarding the plot, any new cast members, any production updates, and the release date of Queen of the Scene on Netflix.

Kim Soo Ah (Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs), who also created the screenplay for Queen of the Scene, and Lee Won Suk, who is the director of the series, will soon release a fantasy comedy k-drama on Netflix. Lee Won Suk is also the writer of the screenplay for the series (Killing Romance).

When Will Netflix Release Queen of the Scene?

Netflix has not yet disclosed when the formal release of Queen of the Scene will occur on their platform. The release of Queen of the Scene on Netflix is not expected to take place until the summer of 2023 at the earliest, while a release in the fall is a very real possibility.

Who is in the Queen of the Scene Cast?

To this point, just two individuals have been officially confirmed to be a part of the cast.

One of the two stars, Gong Hyo Jin, has already been cast, and she will take on the role of Kim Ma Ri in the drama. This will be the second original Netflix production that the actress has appeared in. When Camellia Blooms is a well-known Korean television drama, and she appeared in it. She is also well-known for the parts that she played in the popular Korean dramas It’s Okay, That’s Love and The Master’s Sun. Both of these shows starred her.

Queen of the Scene' Netflix Korean Drama

Park Ha Sun is going to take on the role of Oh Soon Shim. He is the second verified lead after the previous one. Her roles in popular Korean dramas such as “The Veil,” “Love Affairs in the Afternoon,” and “Two Weeks” brought her widespread recognition as an actress. This will mark her debut appearance on Netflix in a starring capacity.

What is the Plot of the Queen of the Scene?

A well-known drama writer has made a name for herself in the business by writing stories with a lot of twists and turns. But when she suddenly gets stuck in one of her own stories, she finds herself in a lot of funny situations as she tries to get out and back to reality.

Where is Queen of the Scene in the Process of Being Made?

“Pre-production” is the official status that a project holds at this point. (Most recent revision: May 10, 2022)

As this article is being written, the Korean drama is still in the process of being planned out. We do not yet know when they will begin shooting, but we should learn this information very soon.

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