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Queen Naija Before Surgery: Why is Twitter Talking About the Singer’s BBL Surgery?

 Queen Naija is responding on Twitter to those who are still discussing the surgery she underwent in 2019. The mother of two said to a Twitter user that they were “too simple to comprehend.”

Queen Naija, known for songs such as Pack Lite, Butterflies, and Medicine, gained prominence on American Idol in 2014 and thereafter enjoyed YouTube popularity. Let’s compare the “before” and “after” versions of Queen Naija to see exactly what Twitter is talking about!

Queen Naija Before Surgery

Prior to 2019, Queen Naija had not publicly discussed undergoing surgery.

In January 2019, however, after the birth of her first child, a son named Legend, she decided to undergo liposuction, a fat transfer, and a butt lift.

Queen Naija was really open about her actions. The Shade Room published a video from 2019 in which the singer explains what she’s had done and how she never intended to have her upper back fat removed.

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It appears that Queen Naija has deleted all of her Instagram postings from before November 2019.

Queen Naija After Surgery

After her procedures, Queen Naija, 25, took to Instagram to announce what had been done.

According to the 2019 Shade Room video, she had a Brazilian Butt Lift, liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a fat transfer from her abdomen to her hips.

She also captioned the video: “Now, if I had kept it a secret, like many other women who have had plastic surgery, everyone would have said, ‘Liar, did you get surgery? Why are you hiding it?’ I tell the truth, but it’s still a problem. Hilarious. “I’m going to take my new shoes and hide in a ditch.”

Queen Naija’s new figure can be seen on her Instagram page @queennaija.

queen naija before surgery

Why is Twitter Talking About the Singer’s Bbl Surgery?

According to Twitter, the topic of Queen Naija’s BBL surgery resurfaced when someone remarked that the lyrics of one of her songs were hypocritical because she was “teaching MFS to appreciate themselves as they are” while undergoing cosmetic surgery.

On July 21, Queen Naija responded to the Tweet by stating, “The song was speaking to me. The song was about not letting a man stop you from understanding your worth and being yourself; it had nothing to do with my decision to get a BBL, but I guess you’re too shallow to comprehend”.

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Many Tweets in the section’s comments support Queen Naija, and one user asked: “How is getting BBL inconsistent with loving yourself?” I despise people, I swear”

Another said, “Getting the BBL was a part of loving yourself. You look incredible. You moved some meat from one location to another. I’m thrilled you did it FOR YOURSELF and you look great!”

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