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What is Past Lives Release Date?

Past Lives Release Date: Many films that have gone on to become critical and fan favourites have debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. Past Lives, which many people are already hailing as one of the best new movies of 2023, is a new candidate for that kind of acclaim.

Aside from its Sundance credentials, Past Lives has the backing of A24, a popular film studio that has produced buzzy hits such as Everything Everywhere All at Once, X and Pearl, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Aftersun, Causeway, The Inspection, and The Whale in 2022. Past Lives appears to be helping A24 have another successful year.

Everything you need to know about Past Lives is right here.

Past Lives Release Date

Past Lives made its international premiere on January 21, 2023, at the Sundance Film Festival, before playing at the 2023 Berlin International Film Festival, where it received critical acclaim. A24 will distribute the picture in limited distribution on June 2, 2023, and it may be available for streaming following its theatrical run.

Past Lives Plot

When are you going to meet your soul mate? Or have you already met them and been separated? In Past Lives, these questions are continually asked of our two primary characters. Past Lives is slow and steady, and it is existentially tortured by possibilities, which Celine Song deals with beautifully.

Every decision we make in life provides a path to the future, but while we’re young, we rarely comprehend that selecting one thing means missing out on witnessing how the other choice might have turned out.

As we become older, the unopened doors become more clear in our memory, serving as spectral reminders of the various lives we could have had, the persons we could have been, and the individuals who would have been with us on that trip.

Past Lives chronicles the narrative of two childhood friends whose childhood ambitions of spending their lives together are dashed when Nora moves to Canada from South Korea. Nora has made a new life for herself, is stable and happy with a lovely man, and is rediscovering love 20 years later.

Past Lives Release Date

However, in light of Hae Sung’s return to her life, she will soon have to consider whether humans are strong enough to resist fate. Although Past Lives has a stunningly modern aesthetic, it incorporates timeless concepts about fate and love and provides an introspective yet comprehensive view of how relationships, both present and past, can upend our lives.

Past Lives is a film that explores what-if scenarios, the emotional exploration of lost love, the ageless “Am I enough?” question, and the acceptance of change that comes with time.

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Past Lives Cast

Greta Lee plays Nora, one of the star-crossed lovers, who reflects the vitality and curiosity of her younger self as she embarks on the journey of life and how it alters who we are while keeping our hearts the same.

While Lee may not be a household name for the majority of the audience, she has appeared in a number of incredible projects, including Girls, High Maintenance, New Girl, Wayward Pines, Sisters, and Russian Doll (2019-2022) and The Morning Show (2019-Present).

Past Lives Trailer

Past Lives Trailer

Past Lives Release Date

Where to Watch Past Lives?

The official date of release for ‘Past Lives’ is June 2. The film is being distributed by A24 and will initially only be released in theatres. Wednesday, February 22nd, the first trailer was released. In addition to its première at Sundance last month, the film was also screened at Berlinale, where Kristen Stewart presided over the jury.

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Who is the Director of Past Lives?

Celine Song’s feature directorial debut is Past Lives. Song has a theatre background and has been nominated for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and the American Playwriting Foundation’s Relentless Award.

Her only previous screen credit was as a staff writer on the Prime Video series Wheel of Time.


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