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Mother Shares Video of Infant With RSV to Warn Other Parents

A video that a parenting influencer posted of her infant son struggling to breathe has gone viral. The purpose of the video was to serve as a warning to other parents to trust their instincts when caring for their children, as the parenting influencer’s five-week-old child was initially sent home from the hospital despite being diagnosed with a virus.

Brittani Boren Leach, who frequently provides viewers of her YouTube channel and Instagram account with insights into her life as a mother of six children, disclosed last week that her infant son Cam had been diagnosed with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) after he had caught it from her older sons. Brittani Boren Leach has six children.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), RSV is a “common respiratory virus that normally causes mild, cold-like symptoms.” The CDC also states that while “most people recover in a week or two,” the virus can be problematic for infants and older adults.

Boren Leach posted on her Instagram Story that Cam “got the illness that the boys had, but his breathing last night had me anxious so we brought him to be seen.” “Cam caught the virus that the boys had.” “The results came back positive for RSV, but the good news is that we get to go home. Praying it gets better, not worse. My anxiety is through the roof.”

The following day, a follow-up post was published in which the child was shown to be attached to an oxygen mask. Boren Leach disclosed that he had been admitted to the hospital after she followed her hunch and sought a second opinion when she observed the infant fighting to breathe. This lead her to discover that he had been hospitalised.

Mother Shares Video of Infant With RSV to Warn Other Parents

They are going to check him into the hospital right now. She wrote: “On the one hand I am pleased he’s in good hands now and I trusted my instinct, on the other hand I am disappointed with yesterday’s care,” and then she asked her followers to “please say a prayer” for Cam and herself since she was “not handling this well.” Cam was also mentioned in the post.

Boren Leach stated that when she had initially brought her son to the emergency room the day before, they had been made to wait for three hours before a doctor “looked at him for five minutes, said it’s RSV, and sent us home.” Boren Leach said that the diagnosis of RSV was given after the five minute examination.

She said on her Stories that “It didn’t seem right but I thought maybe I was just being paranoid.”

She then compared the experience to the response from a second hospital, where she said doctors saw the five-week-old quickly, “were extremely lovely and consoling,” and started Cam on oxygen therapy. She added that the first hospital’s response was inadequate. She wrote that when they asked her how she was doing, she broke down into tears.

The YouTuber also uploaded a picture of herself cradling her newborn boy at the hospital, which she said her husband, Jeff, had taken.

According to what she stated, “my face probably says enough,” but for her, “all of this has been highly triggering.” “I don’t normally use that word, but I’m at a loss for any other way to express it.”

Boren Leach kept her followers up to date with critical information regarding the virus even as she was attending to the medical needs of her son in the hospital. Cam’s older brothers, according to their mother, were the ones who “became sick first,” but their physician believed it was only a virus. Cam is the youngest of her six children.

She went on to explain that doctors typically do not test older children for RSV since older children are better able to fight off the virus and their symptoms are comparable to those of a light cold. “We tried our best to keep Cam away from them as much as possible, but RSV is highly contagious and sometimes it’s just unavoidable,” we said.

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