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Moonlight Chicken Episode 4 Release Date: When Will It Be Released?

Moonlight Chicken Episode 4 Release Date: The release date for Moonlight Chicken Episode 4 has arrived. Every day, Thailand adds new LGBT shows to the watchlists of LGBT fans.

If you have been following this new boys’ love drama, then you will find this piece useful, since it contains all the information you may require. Let’s proceed to the streaming guide and the fourth episode’s release date for Moonlight Chicken.

During their talk in the previous episode, Leng expressed his wish for a silver necklace to Praew. When this occurs, Praew hypothesizes that they may have a girl. As they travel back to their residence, Leng inquires about class.

While perusing a job brochure, Li Ming pretends he has not decided which institution to attend. Leng guides Wen to the kitchen as soon as they enter the restaurant.

Jim explains to Li Ming that he and Wen are simply friends, as Li Ming recognized Wen from the night before.

Li Ming tells Jim to quit bugging him and leaves after Jim cautions him to be careful around Supoch. Li Ming’s heart continues to get in the way of him washing the Supochs’ residence, causing the bucket to overflow. Heart refuses to listen to Li Ming’s pleas for assistance in sweeping the floor.

Moonlight Chicken Recap

As they exchange looks, Li Ming places his hand on the broom. Jim assures Wen that he can go after the restaurant closes, but Wen insists that he explain how to carve the chicken so that he can assist the next time.

Jim is uncomfortable due to Wen’s continued affectionate gaze. Wen requests a beer when they’re finished, but Jim says he wants to drink himself.

Jim cautions Wen that he will run out of money if he spends it all on beer, prompting Wen to retort that he may never have to work again. As Jim is leaving, he hands him a beer can.

The next day, Leng and Praew visit Gaipa’s store and engage in conversation before providing a list of supper ingredients. Leng informs Gaipa that Wen is the author of the document when Gaipa remarks on the unusual handwriting.

He cautions Gaipa not to fall in love with Wen because, despite his attractiveness, he appears wealthy but does not fit in. Wen exits the room and moves to the rear as the two old friends discuss the growth of the Marina Food Hall.

Wen demands directions, there is a peculiar silence. Indeed, Jim informs Gaipa that Wen is the new waitress. Gaipa informs Jim that he should have assisted rather than sought new personnel.

Li Ming responds uncertainly when asked about school at school, while his peers debate the pricey private universities they could go to.

Moonlight Chicken Episode 4 Release Date

They proceed by watching photographs of lovely women, which makes Li Ming feel awful. When he receives his homework and discovers that he failed, he is disheartened.

Jim informs him that he has registered him for a free tutorial lesson as he enters the diner. Li Ming quits his job at Supoch’s because he is enraged that Jim did not ask him first.

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Wen turns to face Li Ming after discovering a leaflet on how to earn and travel while cleaning. Heart informs Li Ming that he does not wish to perform chores while they watch a movie together at Supoch. The heart expresses regret about the bottle as they speak while sketching on a notepad.

Jim is examining the invoices. He brightens at discovering that Gaipa has paid for the majority of them. Leng arrives with Praew and shares her pregnancy news with Jim.

Praew claims that her family will not allow it unless they are married. Due to Leng’s shortage of cash, they begin to argue. Jim recommends that they pause and weigh their alternatives.

Moonlight Chicken Episode 4 Release Date

The release date for Moonlight Chicken Episode 4 is February 16, 2023 ( The fourth episode of Moonlight Chicken will premiere on GMM One in Thailand at 7 p.m.

Similarly, fans in other time zones can access the performance at 5.30 p.m. IST, 12 p.m. GMT, and 11 p.m. AEDT.

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Where to Watch?

The fourth episode of Moonlight Chicken will be streamed on the GMM One YouTube channel at the time given above for international viewers, while Thai viewers will watch the episode live on GMM One.


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