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The New Series From the Creator of “Queen’s Gambit”: Monsieur Spade, Release Date, Cast, and More About It

Monsieur Spade release date: Dashiell Hammett’s renowned investigator Sam Spade makes his television debut in Monsieur Spade on AMC. In 1963, the retired detective investigates murders in the sleepy French village of Bozouls while battling past foes.

The Queen’s Gambit and City on a Hill’s Tom Fontana and Emmy-winning Scott Frank are the show’s creators, writers, and executive producers. In addition to playing Monsieur Spade, Clive Owen is an executive producer.

Detective fiction continues to be influenced by the character of Sam Spade, based on Hammett’s hard-boiled novels. Sam Spade is well known for his icy demeanor and relentless pursuit of justice. Fans of detective fiction may look forward to an intriguing early 2024 launch.

When is Monsieur Spade Coming Out?

The debut of Monsieur Spade is scheduled for Sunday, January 14, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC, AMC+, and Acorn TV. The six-part series is also the network’s first major release of 2024.

Three other eagerly anticipated series are also debuting in the same week: Ted, the prequel spin-off of Seth MacFarlane’s eponymous movie series, Michelle Yeoh’s The Brothers Sun, and Marvel’s Echo.

Where Can You Watch Monsieur Spade?

The network’s original period crime thriller will only be accessible on AMC networks, including its streaming platforms. The simultaneous premiere of Monsieur Spade on AMC, AMC+, and Acorn TV is scheduled.

Therefore, if you want to watch the show on a cordless device, you may stream it on AMC+ or Acorn, both of which require a subscription.

Other popular crime drama and spy thriller shows that air on AMC+ include Happy Valley, Rubicon, Killing Eve, Dark Winds, and The Ipcress File. Thus, in the interim, till Monsieur Spade makes his appearance in 2024, you can watch these other series, which are exclusive to subscribers.

What Is Monsieur Spade All About?

View the official Monsieur Spade summary that AMC has issued:

Monsieur Spade centers around the infamous protagonist of American writer Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 classic novel The Maltese Falcon. The year is 1963, and the legendary Detective Sam Spade (Owen) is enjoying his retirement in the South of France.

By contrast to his days as a private eye in San Francisco, Spade’s life in Bozouls is peaceful and quiet. But the rumored return of his old adversary will change everything. Six beloved nuns have been brutally murdered at the local convent.

As the village grieves, fresh information comes to light, and secrets are exposed. Spade finds evidence linking a mysterious young person with alleged remarkable skills to the killings.

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Who Stars in ‘Monsieur Spade’?

For the new crime drama thriller, in which Clive Owen plays the well-known, morally responsible private investigator Sam Spade, the show’s creative team has assembled an incredible cast.

The Knick, Children of Men, Lisey’s Story, Gosford Park, and Closer are the television shows for which the English actor, who is nominated for an Academy Award, is most known.

Most recently, he appeared in A Murder at the End of the World on FX. The next action-thriller film from Martin Campell, Cleaner, is scheduled to feature Owen.

Alongside Owen are rising English-French actress Cara Bossom (best known as Teresa in Radioactive and Deep State) and English actress Rebecca Root (better known as Cynthia Fitzsimmons in Boy Meets Girl and The Queen’s Gambit).

Oscar Lesage (Marie Antoinette) as Henri, Chiara Mastroianni (On a Magical Night), Denis Ménochet (Inglourious Basterds) as Chief of Police Patrice Michaud, and Louise Bourgoin (The Romanoffs) as Marguerite Devereaux round out the cast.

The remaining cast members are Dean Winters (John Wick) as Father Matthew; Jonathan Zaccaï (Robin Hood) as Philippe Saint-Andre; Matthew Beard (Avenue 5) as George Fitzsimmons; Stanley Weber (Drops of God) as Jean-Pierre Devereaux; and Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG Award winner Alfre Woodard (Clemency) as Virginia Dell.


To sum up, the highly anticipated television debut of Dashiell Hammett’s iconic investigator Sam Spade, titled “Monsieur Spade,” is set to premiere on AMC on January 14, 2024.

The six-part series, which was created and produced by Tom Fontana and Scott Frank, stars Clive Owen in the title role and seems to be an engrossing murder thriller set in the sleepy French village of Bozouls in 1963.

The show, which stars Rebecca Root, Cara Bossom, and other excellent actors, centers on Spade’s retired existence, which is upended by the reappearance of an old foe and a string of gruesome killings at a nearby convent.. Viewers can catch the series on AMC, AMC+, and Acorn TV, with the simultaneous release across these platforms.

As fans eagerly await the debut, they can explore other exclusive crime dramas and spy thrillers available on AMC+, including notable shows like “Happy Valley,” “Killing Eve,” and “The Ipcress File.” Therefore this is all about Monsieur Spade

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