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Mission Yozakura Family Season 1 Release Date: Where Can u Watch Yozakura?

Mission Yozakura Family Season 1 Release Date Mission: Yozakura Family chapter 160 introduced a new character, Asa, who claimed to be Yozakura’s founder. He not only prevented Kyoichiro’s blossoming but also stole Momo’s body and Rei’s heart before erasing everything. Thankfully, Kyoichiro learned about Rei and Momo’s plot in advance.

This chapter wraps up the Mission: Sibling Retrieval with the Yozakura family feeling back to normal. Here are the most recent developments.

Chapter 160 Recap

The Blooming of Kyoichiro is interrupted just as Momo is about to commit his plan to him. An unnamed figure shows up and says he is responsible for preventing Kyoichiro’s blossoming by stating the Yozakura blood is crucial. They’ve finally met in person, Momo says to Asa. To justify taking Momo’s corpse, Asa says he has come to rescue the Yozakura.

Despite Taiyo’s best efforts, he is able to steal Rei’s heart. Asa explains that he is the Yozakura’s originator and that he has no business with them. Despite Momo’s best efforts, the ship detonates.

After being knocked unconscious, Taiyo recovers to find that he and his family have all woken up and are getting back to normal. Mutsumi gives him a bear hug of relief. Kyochiro says everything disappeared, and he has a suspicion that Asa is to blame. After learning that Momo had given him the strategy before vanishing, Kyoichiro announces that he is ready to return home.

Mission Yozakura Family 

Hitsuji Gondaira pens and draws the manga series Mission: Yozakura Family (Yozakura-san Chi no Daisakusen).

The story centres on heroine Taiyo Asano and antagonist Mutsumi Yozakura, the matriarch of a clan of highly trained spies. Taiyo marries Mutsumi when he is the target of her overprotective brother. This is done so that the couple will be safe from him. For Mutsumi’s sake, this motivates Taiyo to join the Yozakura family and train as a spy.

Mission Yozakura Family Season 1 Release Date

On Sunday, January 8, 2023, you can read chapter 161 of the Mission: Yozakura family manga. The name of the next chapter has not been revealed.

Mission Yozakura Family Season 1 Release Date

Chapter 161 Speculation

For more about Asa, the man who supposedly invented the Yozakura, see chapter 161 of Mission: Yozakura Family. After hearing about Asa, both Rei and Momo concluded that he was the real bad guy in the family.

New goals and storylines will unfold in the upcoming chapter. The family, including Taiyo, Kyoichiro, and the rest of the siblings, will find out the plan their parents had entrusted them with. If Asa ever poses a threat to them, this strategy could help them defeat him.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mission Yozakura Family Getting an Anime?

The anime adaptation of Mission: Yozakura Family was unveiled during a panel at Jump Festa ’23. The year 2024 has been selected as the release date. As you can see, Silver Link is animating.

What About Love in the Yozakura Family on Mission?

This text was penned by Hitsuji Gondaira. The Shonen action romantic comedy Mission: Yozakura Family () debuted in the August 2019 issue of Shonen Jump. In 2024, SILVER LINK. will debut an anime TV series based on the novel.

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