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Minesweeper: What is Minesweeper Game Strategy?

Minesweeper is a type of logic puzzle commonly played on personal computers. The game consists of a grid of clickable squares with “mines” hidden across the board. The objective is to clear the board of mines without detonating any of them, using hints about the number of mines in each field. There have been Minesweeper variants with expanded concepts, such as Minesweeper X, Crossmines, and Minehunter.


The objective of Minesweeper, a logic-based computer game played by a single player on a rectangular board, is to locate a predetermined number of randomly-placed “mines” in the shortest time possible by clicking on “safe” squares and avoiding squares containing mines.

The game is over if the player clicks on a mine. Otherwise, a number between 0 and 8 is displayed, indicating the total number of mines in the eight adjacent squares. Finding an “8” in a square meant that all eight adjacent squares had mines, whereas finding a zero (displayed as a blank) meant that there were no mines in the surrounding squares.


A flag may be placed in a square suspected of containing a mine. In the television crime drama NUMB3RS’ Season 1 episode “Uncertainty Principle” (2005), math genius Charlie Eppes uses the game minesweeper not only for his P vs. NP problem, but also to determine the pattern followed by a group of bank robbers.

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The video game Minesweeper is in the puzzle genre. Mines (which resemble naval mines in the classic theme) are scattered across a board and divided into cells in the game. Cells can be in one of three states: unopened, opened or flagged.

An unopened cell is empty and clickable, whereas an opened cell is visible. Flagged cells are unopened cells that have been marked by the player as a potential mine location; some implementations make flagged cells unopenable in order to reduce the risk of uncovering a suspected mine.

A player opens a cell by selecting it. If a player opens a mined cell, the game is over. Otherwise, the opened cell will display either a number indicating the number of mines diagonally and/or adjacently to it, or a blank tile (or “0”), and all adjacent non-mined cells will be opened automatically.

Players can also flag a cell, which is represented by a flag placed on the location, to indicate that they believe a mine is in that location. Cells that have been flagged are still considered unopened and may be unflagged.

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When the number of adjacent mines equals the number of adjacent flagged cells in some versions of the game, all adjacent non-flagged unopened cells are opened, a process is known as chording.

Minesweeper Game Strategy

A Minesweeper game begins when a player selects a cell on a board. Some versions of the game guarantee that the first click is safe. While others guarantee that all adjacent cells are safe as well.

During the game, the player deduces further cells that are safe to open based on the information provided by the opened cells, iteratively gaining more information to solve the board.


The player is also given the number of remaining mines on the board. Which is calculated by subtracting the total number of mines from the number of flagged cells.

To win a game of Minesweeper, you must open all non-mine cells without touching a mine. There is no score, but there is a timer that records how long it takes to complete the game. By adding mines or starting with a larger grid, the difficulty can be increased.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert

In order of increasing difficulty, Microsoft Minesweeper provides three default board configurations: beginner, intermediate, and expert. Beginner is usually on an 8×8 or 9×9 board with 10 mines, intermediate on a 16×16 board with 40 mines, and expert on a 30×16 board with 99 mines, but this is usually customisable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Minesweeper Strategy?

Clicking the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously over a number whose mine(s) have previously been discovered will open all surrounding blocks. This can help you save time. Once you’ve located all of the mines surrounding that number, simultaneously click the right and left mouse buttons.

Minesweeper: Skill or Chance?

Given that it was a game of chance, I was persuaded that it was impossible to win… or so many of us believed. What was that? Minesweeper is a strategy game, not a game of chance.

How Rare is a Minesweeper Tile With an 8?

There are 492556 = 125244 possibilities for a simple grid to contain an 8. This corresponds to a probability of approximately 6108 out of a total of 1.88 trillion simple grids. So, extremely unusual indeed!

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