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Is Million Dollar Listing Tracy Tutor’s Daughter a Real Estate Intern?

Million Dollar Listing Tracy: When surrounded by her male colleagues in the real estate market, luxury real estate salesperson Tracy Tutor doesn’t try to hide her feminine energy; instead, she embraces it. The star of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles shared her thoughts on how women can boost their self-esteem and succeed professionally in an exclusive interview with Distractify.

Even her own daughter Juliet, who is an intern in the real estate industry and appears on Season 14 of Million Dollar Listing LA, has been given similar guidance.

“Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word” (Written by Tracy)

Actually, Tracy has written an entire book on the topic: Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word: How to Develop the Unstoppable Confidence to Own Any Room. What specific steps did she take to assist Juliet in getting ready for her real estate internship? Can she share any advice for women who want to speak up in meetings and other professional settings?

Million Dollar Listing Tracy

Read on for Tracy’s life advice, drawn from her twenty years in the industry.

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Tips for Working Women From Tracy

After being approached by Distractify for her advice to women who lack confidence, Tracy described how she had to learn to train herself to get back up after “falling on her face” repeatedly and losing pitch opportunities to more successful and self-assured male coworkers.

While writing her book, she had the epiphany that women were giving up their agency in order to conform to social norms and decided to share her insights with other women.

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I think a major part of it was navigating their confidence and being able to walk into a powerful room full of males and sort of embrace their feminine energy,” Tracy said. “Rather than sort of changing to what they perceived needed to be sort of powerful and masculine.”

She went on to say “It’s like physical exercise for the mind. You have to exercise the portion of you that has confidence issues so that you can learn to enter a place without collapsing or going entirely numb from fear.”

Tracy, who had struggled with self-assurance for a long time but had recently made great strides, said, “I try to always be completely genuine. And I will be forthright in all my dealings, no matter where they may lead. And, that’s something that some people might enjoy while others might not, but at least it’s real.”

New episodes of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles air on Bravo every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET, and Tracy will be appearing on the show.

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Is Million Dollar Listing Tracy Tutor’s Daughter a Real Estate Intern?

Juliet decided to work with the Tracy Tutor Team, so it was clear that Tracy had no plans to force her into the real estate industry. “[Juliet has] always watched from behind the scenes,” said the Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles star, who noted that her role was especially significant during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when Tracy was forced to spend more time at home working because she couldn’t show houses for months.

While “being [at] home a lot and seeing how hard I was working,” Tracy explained to Distractify, “Juliet really really kind of understands the real estate sector a little bit more.”

Million Dollar Listing Tracy

While Tracy did offer Juliet “a chance to go elsewhere,” she ultimately decided that having Juliet work with the Tracy Tutor Team would be “a really excellent experience for her.”

Tracy said that Juliet’s internship with the Tracy Tutor Team would be featured on the 14th season of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles. Tracy’s favourite part of introducing her daughter to the real estate market was showing her that “Making human connections is at the heart of what we do for a livelihood. You may be involved in the selling of the most valuable possession someone owns.”

She’s keeping her fingers crossed that Juliet will eventually decide to pursue a career in real estate.


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