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Who Is Melyssa Ford Dating?

Want to know who Melyssa Ford is seeing? Yes, we’re talking about Jessica Rabbit, who recently made headlines when she teased after her ex-boyfriend, Flo Rida, won a lawsuit worth $82.6 million.

Fans are curious about who Melyssa Ford is dating right now, even though that isn’t important. Before we talk about that, let’s quickly talk about how well-known Melyssa is in the industry.

Melyssa Ford

Melyssa Ford is a great actress from the very beginning. Melyssa was born in 1976, which makes her 46 years old. She was born in Toronto. Some of the movies and TV shows she has been in are our Three Can Play That Game, Days of Wrath, Playin’ for Love, Think Like a Man, Entourage, etc.

Don’t forget to mention that Blood, Sweat & Heels was led by Melyssa Ford. She was also on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in 2019. She was a great public figure, and she also showed up in music videos like “Knock Yourself Out,” “Happy People,” “Cherchez LaGhost,” “Let’s Ride,” and others.

When it comes to her personal life, Melyssa Ford used to date the rapper, Flo Rida. No one knew the exact reason why they broke up.

Melyssa once told someone that one of her ex-boyfriends had cheated on her. So, she never said that he was Flo Rida. What’s happening in her life? Does she have a new boyfriend? If you want to know who Melyssa Ford is dating, here is what we know.

Melyssa Ford Dating:

Melyssa Ford might not be dating anyone, based on what she says about her love life. In other words, it seems like the actress is pretty single and doesn’t mind. Melyssa, who was in the movie Happy People, is single and having the best time of her life.

Melyssa Ford recently talked about how she used to date the rapper Drake. She told him that she “adored” him in a very dramatic way. Their relationship depended on each other.


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Not to forget to mention that she is said to have called him smart and clever. It was clear that Melyssa and Drake were getting along well. Well, what’s done is done. Fans are more interested in how Melyssa is doing in her relationships.

Melyssa hasn’t been seen with anyone strange in recent days. Also, if you follow her on social media and read her posts, you won’t find anything that shows how she feels about love.

Melyssa Ford has always talked out loud about her relationships. Even the fact that she was dating Flo Rida led to a lot of online drama. Some people said she was a “gold digger,” which was a negative thing to say. The actress is smart enough to not care about this criticism. Melyssa Ford is, in fact, an honest person.

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We wonder if Melyssa Ford is having a secret relationship with someone. But it doesn’t seem so. Since she hasn’t said anything official about her new relationship, we can’t say for sure if she’s committed to someone or not.

Melyssa Ford has a pretty busy life. She works in the entertainment industry and also works to raise awareness about mental health. People think that this keeps her from getting into relationships with men.


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Melyssa Ford has dated a lot of different people in the past, including Bryan Michael Cox, Reggie Bush, Tyrese Gibson, and a few others. Considering how committed she is, especially to her work, we don’t think Melyssa will find a romantic partner any time soon.

Well, it looks like she has a pretty good life. Melyssa Ford should have the best days of her life from now on. We hope that Melyssa will find her soul mate soon since she is currently single. Follow Melyssa Ford on Instagram to find out more about what she’s up to.

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