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Marco Polo season 3 Release Date: And Read Every Little Detail We Know About It

The time drama TV show Marco Polo first came out on Netflix in 2014. The show is mostly about Marco Polo, a businessman from Venice who goes to the court of Kublai Khan in the Mongol Empire.

Many people became really into the show over the course of its two seasons. Was it a hit enough for there to be a third season of Marco Polo? Let’s look into it.

This post will talk about everything we know about the chance of a third season of Marco Polo and when it might come out.

When Is The Third Season Of Marco Polo Coming Out?

According to Tonight’s TV, the third season of Marco Polo has been officially canceled, and there is no plan for when it will come out.

The first episode of the Netflix show aired on December 12, 2014, and on July 1, 2016, it was picked up for a second season with ten episodes.

marco polo season 3 release date

But the show was dropped because it cost too much to make compared to how many people watched it. It was the first Netflix show to not get a third season. The first few years that Marco Polo worked for Kublai Khan are made up in the show.

What Can We Look Forward To In Season 3 Of Marco Polo?

Netflix has officially ended Season 3 of Marco Polo, but if people become interested in the show again, we might be able to watch more episodes that give us a taste of what might happen. There is always competition, greed, betrayal, and sexual attraction in the setting of the story.

The story takes place in China in the 1300s and is based on the adventures of a famous explorer as well as the bloody battles for power in the growing Mongol kingdom.

Kublai Khan catches him and locks him up. Marco needs to learn how to get along with everyone in the Emperor’s court, both politically and socially. The Emperor thinks that Marco is very important to his plan to rule the whole world.

During the season, Marco’s commitment is put to the test. Kublai Khan’s plan to take over the protected city of Xiangyang is, however, the main plot point where it is put to the test.

We can only hope that this new enemy, Prester John, will make for an interesting plot in Season 3 of Marco Polo. Stories about Prester John can be found all over Asia, but history shows that he is more of a myth than a real person.

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Who Is Going To Be In Season 3 Of Marco Polo?

Here is the list: 

Cast Character
Benedict Wong Kublai Khan
Lorenzo Richelmy Marco Polo
Joan Chen Empress Chabi
Remy Hii Prince Jingim
Uli Latukefu Byamba
Zhu Zhu Kokachin
Mahesh Jadu Ahmad

What Did Season 2 Of Marco Polo End With?

Even though Marco let his father stay alive during the crusader fight, Jingim, Byamba, and Marco all turned their backs on the Khan in the end. He did something brave when Empress Chabi told him he could go back to Italy.

This reader might like Byamba the most as a son of the Khan. Because of this, the fighter had to decide if he could ever marry a woman. Khan’s relationship with Khutulun became one of the most interesting ones over the course of the series.

Khutulun was smart because she knew that the betrayal and backstabbing would cause the Mongol Empire to fall, even though she also saw a way to save her family and maybe avoid losing power.

marco polo season 3 release date

This season, even 100 Eyes has a sweet story where he meets Lotus again after a long time apart. It was fun to see Michelle Yeoh on a small screen, and her fights with 100 Eyes had some of the best-staged scenes this season.

In the end, she is now watching over Mei Lin’s kid, but this is almost certainly not the last time we see her with 100 Eyes after her.


Where Can We Watch The Show?

Netflix is the only place to watch the show. Based on what we know, it’s only available on the streaming giant. It might also be possible to watch it on other unofficial websites, but we strongly oppose this.


Netflix’s drama TV show, Marco Polo, follows a businessman named Marco Polo as he navigates the Mongol Empire’s court.

The show, which aired in 2014 and 2016 but was canceled due to high production costs, has not yet been renewed.

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