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Love Is Blind’s Lydia and Milton Mark Two-Year Anniversary!


Lydia and Milton, who met and fell in love on season 5 of “Love Is Blind,” recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary. Reflecting on the milestone, the couple expressed that it “feels longer,” highlighting the depth and strength of their bond.

Their journey from the reality show to real-life marriage has been marked by growth, understanding, and unwavering support. Lydia and Milton have openly shared that their strong communication and mutual respect have contributed to the success of their relationship.

Looking ahead, they remain hopeful and excited about the future, including building a loving and enduring partnership. For more insights into their journey, read our detailed article.

Love Is Blind’s Milton and Lydia give update on relationship two years on

Love Is Blind’s Milton and Lydia have provided a heartening update on their relationship, two years on from the show. The couple, who appeared on season 5, defied all expectations when they made it to the altar in the finale. Perhaps even more surprising than the pair choosing to say “yes” is the fact that they’re still together and have just celebrated their second anniversary on Friday (31st May).

“It feels longer [than two years],” Lydia remarked. “It’s like, ‘Oh really, just two years?’ I cannot imagine my life without Milton anymore, I don’t even remember what that was like.”

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Milton added, “We’re still just as playful as we’ve always been. Our journey has been incredible, and I can’t wait for many more years with Lydia.” Their enduring love story continues to inspire fans of the show, demonstrating that sometimes, love truly can conquer all obstacles.

How They Make Busy Lives Work?

Their marriage hasn’t been without its challenges, though. Early on, the two had to briefly navigate long distance as Lydia lived in Houston and Milton, a petroleum engineer, was based in Long Beach, Calif.

“Last year I ended up working on a project that had me living in California for four months and Lydia was coming every two weeks, or I was going to Texas every two weeks seeing each other, staying for a week each time,” Milton tells. “Luckily, Lydia’s job has an office in Long Beach as well, so it worked out really well for us.”

Making things a bit more complicated was the fact that Milton was starting grad school, which he’s a little over halfway done with now. “I’ll finish at the beginning of next year in 2025,” he says. “But this is my second master’s.”

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Though they now live together in Houston, the couple still maintain busy lives so they’ve come to realize just how important coordinating schedules is to make their marriage work.

“That’s our big thing. We share calendars and plan things that way,” says Milton, as Lydia notes, “It is a challenge, but it’s literally taught us how to really get organized because if we don’t get organized, it just gets too complicated.”

“For me, I think it’s the capacity of Milton to understand my feelings and to be there when I need him the most,” Lydia says of her favorite things about her husband. “He just shows up. And even when his schedule is super busy, he does make the time to provide me that attention and that emotional support that I need regardless of my mental state.”


Despite the challenges of long-distance and busy schedules, Lydia and Milton’s marriage has flourished over the past two years. Their journey from Love Is Blind to real life has demonstrated their strong commitment and ability to adapt.

By prioritizing organization and mutual support, they have navigated Milton’s demanding career and grad school, as well as Lydia’s professional commitments. Their shared calendars and coordinated plans have been key to maintaining their relationship.

Lydia values Milton’s understanding and emotional support, while Milton cherishes their playful connection. As they celebrate their second anniversary, their story continues to inspire, showing that with dedication and love, even the toughest obstacles can be overcome.

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