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What is Love Is Blind After the Altar Brings Season 3 Release Date?

Love Is Blind After the Altar Brings Season 3: It seems like only yesterday that we were watching the cuties scene at the Love Is Blind season three reunion, but the After The Altar special is almost upon us.

Our favourite cast mates from the third season of Love Is Blind are reuniting for a three-part special episode of After The Altar, and it’s so close! In the reunion special, the entire cast will reunite and give us an update on their life since they tied the knot.

The new season’s trailer has already been released, and it looks dramatic as hell. Raven confronts the rumours of SK cheating on her, which he has denied, while Cole is shown juggling an adorable orange. I apologise, but I am unprepared for the turmoil that will ensue this season.

Love Is Blind After the Altar Brings Season 3

Love Is Blind: After The Altar is a special three-part season in which the Love Is Blind ensemble reunites to provide fans with an update on their life since being married.

It has been done in past seasons, with the second season’s edition addressing rumours of a relationship between Kyle and Deepti. And in the first season, Giannina questioned Damian about his acquaintance with Francesca Farago of Too Hot to Handle.

With the season three cast, we can expect to learn how Alexa and Brennon and Colleen and Matt are adjusting to married life.

We’ll also find out if Zanab and Cole, as well as Nancy and Bartise, have been able to maintain their friendships following their respective rejections of marriage proposals.

Love Is Blind After the Altar Brings Season 3 Release Date

Love Is Blind After the Altar Brings Cast

Because the entire cast is generally involved in After the Altar, we’ll probably see all of the couples again, whether they’re still together or not.

  • Brennon and Alexa (still together)
  • Colleen and Matt’s (still together)
  • Raven and SK (split)
  • Bartise and Nancy (split)
  • Cole and Zanab (split)

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Love Is Blind After the Altar Brings Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Love Is Blind: After The Altar was published on February 10th, just in time for the reunion special.

Nearly four months have passed since the premiere of the series, which saw couples like Nancy and Bartise fall in love from within their own pods, only to say “I don’t” at the altar.

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Love Is Blind After the Altar Brings Season 3 Trailer

There is, and it is chock-full of the drama we may expect in the short season. Brennon and Alexa appear to be in love and planning a reunion celebration in the trailer.

Colleen and Matt are still together, but they live separately, and the rest of the cast is quite curious about their living situation.

Raven and SK are seen giving their love a second opportunity after SK declined their wedding invitation. In the special episode, SK is even seen proposing to Raven before Raven says that SK cheated on her.

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Where to Watch “Love Is Blind – Season 3”?

You can currently watch “Love Is Blind – Season 3” on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Love is Blind, Who Became Pregnant?

Lauren and Cameron of ‘Love is Blind offer an update on their married lives. Jessica Batten is about to have her first kid. Last week, the “Love Is Blind” Season One participant announced the news on Instagram alongside a photo of herself and her husband Benjamin McGrath.

Are Deepti and Kyle Dating?

Kyle and Deepti, stars of “Love Is Blind,” have announced their split: “We’ve decided to go our separate ways.” The final couple from season two of “Love Is Blind” has called it quits.

Is “Love is Blind” Scripted?

Love Is Blind is not scripted, and the show is, to some part, true. According to the show’s producers and competitors, everything surrounding the couples and their engagements were absolutely true.


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