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Lookism Cast: Ages, Relationships, and Characters

Do you know who is in the cast of the popular webtoon Lookism, which was turned into a successful anime? Let’s go together and meet them!

At Lookism, the story is all about Park Hyeong-seok. The story of Park, a high school student who doesn’t follow the rules and stands out because of how different he is, takes place in a world like ours, where how you look is important. When he wakes up one morning and looks in the mirror, he is shocked by what he sees. He now has a beautiful face and a perfect body. How will Park, who has started to live two different lives, get out of this mess? Will his body, which is different from what he thinks, make him happy?

IMDb gives Lookism a score of 7.6, and its fans saw it on December 8, 2022. It’s made in South Korea, and Netflix shows it. At the time we wrote this article, it had one season with eight episodes each lasting 25 minutes. Many of you probably watched all the episodes in one day.

Han Shin

Han Shin is the first person on our Lookism cast list. He gives Park Hyeong-voice. seok’s

Han Shin has been a successful voice actor since 2013. We don’t know much about his personal life. The Incredibles 2, Soul, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations are all movies that he worked on.

Han Shin was born and raised in South Korea and is 39 years old. He is a well-known voice actor. He is not known to have a partner.

Hwang Chang-yung

Lee Tae Sung’s voice actor is Hwang Chang-yung, who is the second person on our Lookism cast list.

Hwang Chang-voice yung’s has been liked since he was a child. In high school, he took voice lessons and sang in a choir. He started singing when he was in college, and now his K-pop songs are known all over his country and the world. Even though he just started doing voiceovers in 2018, he has already done well in this business. Pororo 5: Treasure Island Adventure and Pinkfong Wonderstar are two other shows in which he has been a part.

Hwang Chang-yung is 35 years old and has a lot of talent. He is not known to have a partner.

Sa Moon-young

Park Ha Neul is played by Sa Moon-young in the cast of Lookism.

Sa Moon-young is a singer and voice actor. She got her start when she was 16 and sang in a band. Her family didn’t want her to do this job, but all he wants to do is sing professionally. Because of this, Sa, who hadn’t seen her family in a long time, said that they’d made up in the last few years. Monkie Kid, Chattie Toritori, Soul, Yumi’s Cells, and Hello Carbot are all movies she has worked on.

South Korea has a very pretty voice. The age of Sa Moon-young is 42. She is not being fair to any of us by not telling us her age. No one is known to be with her.

Eugene Ko

Eugene Ko, who is also on our list of Lookism actors, does the voice of the Deok-hwa Pyeon.

Eugene Ko began acting in the theatre. He is also a voice actor and a host. After that, he did a few commercials. She moved to Los Angeles to get more important parts. He went to the University of California to study theatre. Since 2016, he has been on TV and in movies. Grey’s Anatomy, Dear White People, Dahmer Monster, and La Casa De Papel: Korea are all shows that he has worked on.

Eugene Ko was born and raised in the United States, but his family is from South Korea. He is 24 years old. He is not known to have a partner.

Nam Doh-hyeong

Kim Mae Sik is played by Nam Doh-hyeong in the cast of Lookism.

Nam Doh-hyeong is another actor who doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. However, since he’s voiced more than a hundred characters, it’s clear that he’d rather be busy with work than with his personal life. Nam went to college and studied in a completely different department. He decided he didn’t want to work in this department because he had studied in a different one.

At age 23, she took classes through the Voice Acting Division programme of the Korean Broadcasting System. His first job, when he was 23 years old, was to give voices to soldiers in a video war game. The Korean version of Doctor Who, Pokémon: Best Wishes!, the Korean version of Transformers: Prime, and Demon King from Today! are his most well-known works.

Nam Doh-hyeong is 39 years old and is from South Korea. He is not known to have a partner.

Shim Kyu-hyuk

Shim Kyu-hyuk is the last person on our Lookism cast list. He is the voice of Park Hyeong-small seok’s self.

Shim Kyu-hyuk was well-known when he was in high school because he sang in the school band. He took classes in journalism at Chungnam National University Daedeok Campus, but he didn’t want to work in this field. He wanted to be a singer, but he couldn’t make a living at it.

He wanted a job where he could use his voice again. Shim has made very successful works, even though he hasn’t had any training in voice-over. Because of this, he has made a living as a voice actor since 2015. Tea Tea Cherry, Free!, Timing, and Dino Mecard are all movies that he has worked on.

Shim Kyu-hyuk is 40 years old. He was born and raised in South Korea. He has one son and has been through a failed marriage. He is single right now.

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