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Kevin Costner: “Yellowstone” is a Success Again on Its Own Terms.

Kevin Costner was in Moab, Utah, investigating locations for “Horizon” while a large portion of America anticipated Sunday’s return of “Yellowstone.”

“Field of Dreams,” “The Bodyguard,” and Costner’s 60-plus film credits ““JFK” and “Bull Durham” are tragedies, baseball stories, and comedies. His creative foundation is the West’s history and land.

, “and directed. “Horizon,” a four-film saga about pre- and post-Civil War western migration, features Stetson again.

ц “1923” (previously “1932”), starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, will debut on December 18.

“Yellowstone” begins its fifth season with Costner’s Montana rancher John Dutton awaiting the results of his reluctant bid for governor, a big-swing effort to protect his family’s huge property and business from developers and powerful Native Americans.

. Costner himself? No, he said.

He told The Associated Press why “Yellowstone” is popular, how it portrays Native Americans, and his love of Westerns done well. Edited for clarity and brevity.

KEVIN COSTNER: I thought it may be relevant since this work is still going on in America and most people take it for granted how everything gets up at their dinner table. . The show shows ranching’s beauty and difficulty. . The ranch works. Still done. Its heightened drama conveyed that beautifully.

AP: John Dutton claims he’s not a politician, but he wants authority and may abuse it. Character?

He’s smart. He collaborates, not like a politician. He can hear the best concept, but he won’t compromise. . What’s good for his ranch may be beneficial for all Montana ranches—preserving a way of life, less expansion. . He may see this working for other ranchers.

AP: “Yellowstone” and “Dances with Wolves” included Native Americans. How does the show handle characters?

KEVIN COSTNER: They demonstrate its complexity. Even their gambling niche is being nibbled at. Every society has money disputes. Native Americans have power struggles. . Normal. It’s everywhere. Political manoeuvring on the rez (reserve) is comparable to national politics. Bitterness, resentment. Good ideas, terrible ideas. Who’s abandoned? .

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