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Kelly Keegs Barstool Dating in 2022

Known as Kmarko, Keith Markovich served as Barstool Sports’ previous editor-in-chief. This Barstool Sports subreddit thread is all about him and Kelly Keegs’ rumoured relationship and eventual breakup. There is so much irony in the relationships between the members of the community that it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. According to one user, the couple split up in late May of this year.

Rumours That Vibbs and Kelly Were Dating Were Dispelled by Kelly

Kelly Keegs was a guest on Alyssa Amoroso’s podcast, where she talked extensively about her career, she rumoured her relationship with Barstool coworker Vibbs (Jeff Vibbert) dating in their 30s, and more.

Kelly Keegs Barstool Dating

Amoroso’s goal was to clear the air about Keegs and Vibbs’ alleged romance, among other things. If this were not the case, the public might have concluded that their intimacy was artificially induced to create high-quality digital content.

We’d Like to Know Who Kelly Keegs Is Dating.

For her work with Barstool Sports, American journalist and podcaster Kelly Keegs are well-known. In the year 2020, she became a member of the club, and since then, she’s developed a loyal following.

Even while she’s most known for her work as a contract journalist for MuckRack, she also hosts the podcast Whine With Kelly. Cutting Stems on Barstool is another game she co-hosts. Barstool Vs America may have Kelly as one of its hosts. Meanwhile, she has become a well-known member of the band.

Kelly Keegs Barstool Is How Old?

Kelly Keegs, a 30-year-old woman, is the subject of this article.
Keegs turned 30 on December 8 of last year. Patricia Keegan and her husband had a daughter, Kelly, named after their daughter. New York City native Kelly, on the other hand, grew up there. Uncertainty surrounds the fact of whether or not she is a native of that country. The details of her childhood and adolescence have been kept quiet.

Kelley Keegs’ Boyfriend/girlfriend Information

On the other side, she went to Hunterdon Central Regional High School. During her time in college, she was active in a wide range of clubs and organisations.

Soon In 2009, Kelly enrolled at High Point University to begin her academic career. It was in May 2013 that she received her bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from the university she attended.

Kelly Keegs’s Early Life: Parents, Siblings, and Education

At 5’7″, Kelly Keegs is a 30-year-old mother of two. When she was born in 1990, she celebrated her birthday on December 8th, which is the same day of her birth. Patricia Keegan, her mother, and her father were all born and raised in New York City. Kelly is unquestionably New York-based. She completed her high school studies at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. She graduated from High Point University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications.
She’s worked in the media before. In terms of family or siblings, there is no information to go on.

Kelly Keegs’ Boyfriend: Who Is He?

Her boyfriend’s identity has not been made public on the internet, however, it is rumoured that she is dating a Barstool Sports team member.
With significant links to Matty Mush and Kmarko on the internet are several conversations about that individual.

Kelly Keegs Barstool Dating

No formal information about this topic can be found on the internet.
Since neither member has spoken publicly about it, it’s safe to assume that the rumours are true.

In 2018, Kelly Keegs had a relationship with Marko, better known as Keith Markovich. For Barstool Sports, Kmarko worked as a writer and journalist before taking on the role of editor of the year in 2020.
Before calling it quits for good in 2019, the couple reconnected in 2018. Their split has not been made public. Barstool Sports, on the other hand, employs Keith to write a blog.


In New York, Patricia Keegan’s mother and father were born. Kelly is a New Yorker through and through.


She went to Hunterdon Central Regional High School for her final two years of high school. She earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from High Point University in 2013. Kelly Keegs has worked as a journalist in the past.


If you’re interested in dating Kelly Keegs on the side, check out our profile for all the details.
Whine podcaster and journalist for MuckRack Kelly is an expert in both mediums and has a devoted following of followers, making her a popular choice. As a co-host of the drinking game show Cutting Stems on Barstool, she is also a professional musician. Co-hosting a podcast called Barstool vs. America is something she and her colleagues do. There have been three episodes of this sports show so far.

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It was Kayce Smith and Keegs who recorded the track Cutting Stems. The Barstool is a well-known sports and social media blog that distributes news and features regularly.

We got high on the nice moments we have every day, she’s writing a book called Because We Got High. You can listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts. Kelly worked for V Magazine for 18 months before she left the company. She also works part-time as Secco Squared’s director of records.

Kelly Keegs is currently the co-host of The KFCRadio:

Do You Know How Old Kelly Keegs Is?

If you’re interested in dating Kelly Keegs on the side, check out our profile for all the details.
Kelly Keegs will turn thirty in 2021, the year in which this essay is published, making her the author of this piece. She was given the arbitrary date of December 8th as her actual birthday.

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During her 30th birthday celebration, she was able to savour the fact that she was single once again. A special guest on her 31st birthday this year? That’s what fans are hoping for.

There Is a New Person in Kelly Keegs’ World

There is no word yet from Kelly Keegs about the identity of her boyfriend.

Kelly Keegs Barstool Dating

Her current state of affairs suggests that she is currently unattached and has made no indication of a potential relationship shortly.

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Kevin Markovich, also known as Marko, is a fellow media personality and co-worker at Barstool Sports. They are rumoured to have broken up a few years ago.


An image of an estranged couple that Kelly uploaded on her Instagram in 2015 garnered a lot of attention. When a guy on a plane breaks up with his girlfriend and she starts crying, the photo caption she wrote for the picture becomes viral. “Crazy Twitter” was coined for various reasons, including this.

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