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When Will Karate Kid 2024 Release, Cast and Everything We Know

Forty years after the original Karate Kid movie debuted in June 1984, the franchise is still going strong. New Karate Kid movie news is on the horizon, and the Cobra Kai series is available on Netflix. The first film portrayed Ralph Macchio’s character, Daniel LaRusso, as he learned karate and defeated his tormentors. Jaden Smith had a similar role in another Karate Kid film from 2010, except this time, he studied kung fu rather than karate. Now, in 2024, a brand-new Karate Kid film is coming out—after more than ten years.

Though it’s still unclear how the upcoming Karate Kid film will connect to the previous films, Sony has stated that one is on the way. With the Karate Kid 2024 film, Sony promises a “return to the original Karate Kid franchise,” but there are hints that it might just be a soft remake. This is also somewhat expected given that Cobra Kai has carried on the direct storyline of the original Karate Kid, which has sparked conjecture about potential connections between the show and the Karate Kid movie. The news of the upcoming Karate Kid movie is much anticipated, owing to the triumph of Cobra Kai on Netflix.

Regarding the cast of the 2024 Karate Kid film, the most recent information is that stars from the 2010 remake and the original Karate Kid will make appearances. Late in November, it was revealed that Jackie Chan, who starred alongside Ralph Macchio in the remake, will also be making a comeback in Karate Kid 2024. Macchio will return as Daniel, while Chan will return as Mr. Han, however, specifics of the plot are still unknown.

Karate Kid 2024 Release Date

The initial release date for Karate Kid 2024 was June 7, 2024. That would have meant that it came out in the same month as the first Karate Kid movie’s 40th anniversary. However, the potential Karate Kid reboot’s release date has been pushed back as a result of Sony adjusting its release schedule for the upcoming year due to the Hollywood strikes. The new release date for Karate Kid 2024 is December 13, 2024.

What Will Be The Cast Of Karate Kid 2024?

Despite being essential to the franchise, Karate Kid 2024 only has two confirmed cast members at this time. It was revealed in November 2023 that Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio would both play their former roles in the movie. Jackie Chan will return as Mr. Han from the 2010 Karate Kid adaptation, and Macchio will reprise his well-known role as Daniel from The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai.

In an official video released by Sony Pictures, Macchio and Chan made an appearance to promote a global casting call for the Karate Kid role. Not only is this a thrilling marketing ploy, but it also appears to imply that a large number of the film’s roles are yet uncast.

Storyline For Karate Kid 2024

While specifics are still pending, it is known that the 2024 Karate Kid film would center on a Chinese teenager who trains under a strict but fair mentor—possibly Chan’s Mr. Han. The events will now take place on the East Coast of the United States instead of the West Coast, though it’s unclear how this will relate to the first franchise. Though it remains to be seen precisely how the original Karate Kid ties in, the news that Ralph Macchio will reprise his role as Daniel does appear to confirm that the reboot and original film continuities are one.

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Platforms To Watch Karate Kid 2024

It is too early to tell for sure where The Karate Kid 2024 will be available to see as of today, November 25, 2023. After a few weeks after being in cinemas, the movie might become available for streaming on a website like Hulu or Netflix. Once the movie is out, you can also buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.

The following are some potential streaming platforms that The Karate Kid 2024 might be available to watch:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu Prime Video on Amazon
  • HBO Max Peacock

It should be noted that this is only a prediction and that there is no assurance that the movie will be accessible on any of these platforms. To find out if the movie is available, you will need to contact each provider directly.

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