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Kanye West Was Kicked Out Of The Clubhouse Due To His Anti-Semitic Statements

After expressing anti-Semitic remarks in a conversation with the Wack100 music manager on the Clubhouse social network, Kanye West was banned from using the service.

Ye, the rapper, claimed on Saturday (December 10) that Jews are “being utilised by the Chinese” to subjugate black people and that they are “simply mediators.”

After around 56 minutes, Ye’s conversation with Wack100, the managing director of rappers such as The Game and Blueface, was cut short. The rapper and businessman’s ban was officially announced by Clubhouse in a statement obtained by The Wrap.

The statement read, “We took action to end the conversation yesterday since it broke our standards.” “We suspended those who broke the rules as well. According to our Community Principles and Terms of Service, harassment, hate speech, and insults have no place on our site.

In addition to continuing his longstanding wrath towards Ari Emanuel, CEO of the talent management company Endeavour, against whom he had previously made anti-Semitic slurs, West charged supporters $20 (£16) to enter the Clubhouse Q&A.

Ye’s Instagram account was once more blocked in October after he posted a graphic image and made anti-Semitic remarks about Emanuel in response to the 1955 lynching of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old African-American boy who was tortured and killed after being accused of a crime. Till is considered a symbol of civil rights. insult a white female.

Ye also talked on some of the current issues that have been plaguing him, such as the end of Adidas’ fashion partnership with him, in other Clubhouse discussions.

Although there are inconsistencies in the description of the video on the YouTube channel, as The Wrap points out, you may listen to the majority of the entire dialogue below.
The Wrap continued, saying that it was unable to get in touch with West for comment and that Wack100 had not yet responded to its request for comment. West has not made any public remarks regarding his expulsion from the team. In related news, West was banned from Instagram once more last week after posting the music video for his new song “Someday We’ll Be All Be Free.”

The song is a sample of a 1973 song by Donnie Hathaway that was once used as a civil rights anthem. It is West’s first original release since the arrival of “Donda 2” in February. On the talk programme hosted by the extreme right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, he originally sang it a cappella in a freestyle performance.

Ye praised Hitler, denied that six million Jews were slain by him, and rejected the Holocaust in an interview with Infowars; you can read more about this here.

The rapper broke Twitter’s “anti-incitement to violence” policy earlier this month when he sent an image with a swastika inside the star of David. Elon Musk was responsible for this action. The account of West was disabled.

West has consistently refuted accusations that his remarks are racist, claiming that the word “anti-Semitism” “does not correspond to reality” and that he does not believe it exists.

In a later interview with Piers Morgan, he did, however, express some remorse, saying: “I feel terrible for the individuals I wounded with the death scam… I believe I have hurt people and confused them.

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