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Kali Uchis Songs: The 5 Best Kali Uchis Songs of All-Time?

American singer, songwriter, and record producer Kali Uchis hails from the United States. She goes by the name Karly-Marina Loaiza in real life. It was in 2012 when she self-released her mixtapes, titled Drunken Babble and Por Vida, that she first gained widespread recognition.

R&B, neo-soul, reggaeton, and hip hop are the kind of music that she enjoys listening to the most. 1994 saw her entrance into the world in the city of Alexandria, Virginia, in the United States. Since the year 2012, she has been employed in the music industry. In this piece, we’re going to take a look at the best 10 tracks that Kali Uchis has ever released.

The 5 Best Kali Uchis Songs of All-Time

5. Speed

The subject of the song “Speed” is the rapidity with which a romantic connection can shift and head in a new path. Kali relates a story about a relationship that moved swiftly at first but then transitioned into something else very quickly after that. According to Discotech, the song is about the frustration of being unable to move on from a relationship that is progressing too rapidly.

On the album Por Vida, which was released in 2015, this song was considered to be one of the best tunes. It did well enough that it was able to climb all the way up to number 21 on the R&B charts in the United States. A number of television shows, including Insecure, The Get Down, and Grown-ish, have made use of the song as background music.

4. Call Me

In the song “Contact Me,” a woman sings to her partner, telling him to call her whenever he’s feeling lonely so that she can make him feel better. It’s a love song, but it has a bit of a darker edge to it. Kali Uchis is the one responsible for the writing, while Ricky Reed was in charge of the production.

This song was included on Kali’s first album, Por Vida, and it was quite successful, climbing all the way up to number 21 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart in the United States. This song has been utilised as background music in a few different movies and television shows, including The Get Down and Insecure.

3. Rush

A wonderful song about a relationship that has become entrenched at an unsustainable level is called “Rush.” 2015 was the year it was published. The takeaway here is that a relationship will suffer in the long run if one partner persistently attempts to distance themselves from the other. This song is also taken from the album titled Por Vida.

It did quite well, climbing all the way up to number 37 on the Billboard Latin Rhythm Airplay chart in the United States. It has appeared in a number of films and television shows, such as the movie “The Sun Is Also a Star” and the show “Big Little Lies” on television.

2. Melting

Melting is a song about a girl who has a crush on a guy and feels as though she is melting anytime he gets close to her. Melting is a song about a girl who has a crush on a guy. According to Return of Rock, this is a stunning song that articulates everything there is to know about what it’s like to be in love.

The angelic and sugary quality of Kali’s voice in this song has the effect of making the listener experience the same emotions as the main character. Listening to the music is highly soothing due to its gentle nature. It features a gentle piano melody, and the percussion is not too loud. This results in a tranquil and dreamlike mood, which contributes to the overall tone of the song.

This track is among the most impressive offerings to be found on the 2015 studio album titled Por Vida. It fared quite well, climbing up the US Latin Rhythm Airplay chart all the way to position number 23. It has been utilised as background music in a number of films and television shows, including Ballers and The Get Down.

1. Tyrant

This song tells the story of a woman who is fed up with the violence in the world and turns to her lover, asking him to rule over her new kingdom if he is willing. Due to the fact that it demonstrates how much she has developed as an artist, this is one of Kali Uchis’s best tracks. She is not the same girl who used to sing songs about love.

At this point in her life, she is a lady who has had enough of the bloodshed in the world. According to Popnable, this is one of the most impressive songs that can be found on the Isolation album. It climbed all the way up to the number two spot on the Latin Rhythm Albums chart that is maintained by the US Billboard. However, you may find this song on the soundtracks of a number of movies, including Black Panther and 13 Reasons Why.

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