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Mark Your Calendars: Jury Duty Season 1 Airs Soon!

Jury Duty Season 1 Release Date: Back in September, We exclusively learned that Amazon Studios was working on a top-secret project. See the trailer above.

Jury Duty follows the inner workings of an American jury trial as seen through the eyes of one juror, Ronald Gladden. Everyone except Gladden is an actor, even Marsden, and everything that happens — inside and outside the courtroom — is well staged.

Jury Duty Season 1

“Jury Duty was inspired by the question of whether it was possible to create a sitcom similar to The Office about a trial, populate it with brilliant comedic performers, and put a real person at the center of the show who doesn’t realize he’s surrounded by actors?” said executive producer Todd Schulman.

“We had no idea, but when we proposed the idea to Freevee, we acted as though it was a definite thing.” Thank God we succeeded.”

“What fascinated me was the difficulty of crafting a hero’s journey for someone who has no notion the environment around him is fully manufactured,” said Marsden, “and whether or not this high wire performance might lead him to unite this family of lovely weirdos and become an inspiring leader for us all while serving jury duty.”

Jury Duty Season 1 Cast

Marsden stars as an alternate version of himself alongside Alan Barinholtz, Susan Berger (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Cassandra Blair (Hacks), Rashida “Sheedz” Olayiwola (South Side), David Brown, Kirk Fox (Reservation Dogs), Ross Kimball, Pramode Kumar, Trisha LaFache, Mekki Leeper (The Sex Lives of College Girls), Brandon Loeser, Edy Modica

Jury Duty Season 1 2023 Release Date

Produced By

As for the show’s executive producers, they are as follows: David Bernad (The White Lotus, Bad Trip), Lee Eisenberg (WeCrashed, The Office), Ruben Fleischer (Superstore), Nicholas Hatton (Borat Sequel Moviefilm, Who Is America?), Cody Heller (Dummy), Todd Schulman (Borat Sequel Moviefilm, Brüno), Gene Stupnitsky (Hey Ladies, The Office), Jake Szymanski (The Package) (Great Minds with Dan Harmon). Eisenberg and Stupnitsky co-created the series, while Heller is the showrunner and Szymanski is the director.

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Jury Duty Season 1 Release Date

The premiere of Season 1 of Jury Duty on Amazon Freevee has been set for April 7, 2023(source: The first four episodes of Jury Duty, a new comedy series in Amazon Freevee’s docu-style format, will debut on April 7. The multi-camera, the 8th episode comedy starring James Marsden will release two new episodes every Friday through April 21.

Jury Duty Season 1 Trailer

Where To Watch Jury Duty Season 1?

Now, you can view Jury Duty on Amazon Freevee and HBO Max. You can rent or purchase Jury Duty for streaming via Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is Jury Duty in New York City?

Jurors must be available for the duration of the day. The Court is typically open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (8:30-5:00 in White Plains.) If you are selected for jury duty in Manhattan, your service could last up to two weeks, beginning on the day you report to the courthouse.

When Does Jury Duty Begin in Los Angeles?

The court will often be in session from 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Throughout the day, the court often takes one hour for lunch and several shorter breaks. Our objective is to make your jury duty a satisfying and enjoyable experience.


Jury Duty follows the inner workings of an American jury trial through the eyes of one juror, Ronald Gladden. Jury Duty Season 1 premiere April 7, 2023, on Amazon Freevee and HBO Max, starring James Marsden as an alternate version of himself.

Executive producers include David Bernad, Lee Eisenberg, Ruben Fleischer, Nicholas Hatton, Cody Heller, Todd Schulman, Gene Stupnitsky, and Jake Szymanski.

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