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Who is Judith Miller Husband John Wainwright? Latest Update in 2023!

What Happened to Judith Miller’s Husband John Wainwright? John Wainwright is the spouse of Judith Miller, a Scottish antique expert. The couple had been married for many years and worked together for more than three decades.

Expert on Antiques Roadshow Judith Miller has passed away. Fiona Bruce, a presenter, imparted the sad news while paying tribute.

Judith Miller was an expert on antiques, a writer, and a broadcaster. The Scottish specialist has authored over a hundred books on antiques and interior design. She was primarily recognized for her appearances on the BBC program Antiques Roadshow.

In addition to a successful professional career, the 71-year-old also raised a lovely family. Miller was a married mother who doted on her children.

Learn about the spouse and children of the antique expert in today’s brief article.

Who Was Judith Miller?

Judith Miller (You can check out her Twitter account) was a native of Galashiels, Scotland. Her birthday is September 16th, 1951. She was extremely passionate about antiques from a young age, but the Scottish expert did not begin accumulating antiques until she attended Edinburgh University. Her major was history.

Miller co-authored Miller’s Antiques Price Guide in 1979 with her first spouse, Martin Miller. The Guardian reports that the book is still published annually.

As stated previously, Judith has written more than 100 publications. In addition, her television career was the primary reason for her notoriety.

She served as a consultant and co-host for eight seasons of The Antiques Trail. Additionally, Judith hosted the Discovery Channel program it’s your proposal.

The native of Galashiels co-presented The House Detectives on BBC Two. She was one of the most prominent specialists in antiques.

In the late 1970s, she launched her professional career. Her career encompasses more than four decades; therefore, she must have been fortunate.

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Who is Judith Miller’s Husband John Wainwright?

John Wainwright was Judith Miller’s partner and spouse. Wainwright is the second spouse of the distinguished antique expert. Judith has had two marriages. Her initial wedlock was with Martin Miller. In 1978, the former couple tied the knot.

They were married for more than a decade. However, their union was unable to endure for a long period. In 1992, the Millers went their separate ways.

The Antiques Roadshow host met her second spouse, John Wainwright, afterwards. The spouse of Judith Miller is an accomplished writer. They were married and lived together peacefully for several years until Judith’s death.

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Who is John Wainwright?

British author John William Wainwright, who lived from 25 February 1921 until his death on 19 September 1995, wrote 83 novels, including four written as Jack Ripley. In addition, he penned some short stories (mostly uncollected in book form), seven radio plays, and an unspecified number of magazine articles and newspaper columns (according to Wikipedia)

Judith Miller’s Kids

Her second husband and colleague of more than 30 years, writer John Wainwright, survives her, as do her children Cara, Kirsty, and Tom, as well as four grandkids, Aria, Leo, Lila, and Clea.


Judith Miller, an expert on antiques and a well-known writer and broadcaster, passed away at the age of 71. She was married to John Wainwright, an accomplished writer, and they had been together for many years.

Miller had two marriages, with Wainwright being her second husband. The couple had three children together: Cara, Kirsty, and Tom, and four grandchildren named Aria, Leo, Lila, and Clea.

Miller was known for her appearances on the BBC program Antiques Roadshow and authored over a hundred books on antiques and interior design. She had a successful career that spanned over four decades. Wainwright, Miller’s second spouse, is a British author who passed away in 1995.


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