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Who is Jeffree Star Boyfriend? Did Jeffree and Nate Split Up?

Jeffree Star Boyfriend: Jeffree Star has been mired in scandal for the better part of a decade. The makeup mogul has been the subject of numerous news stories recently, including allegations of assault, a yak meat scandal, and drama involving fellow YouTubers Tati Westbrook, James Charles, and Jackie Aina. Not only is this true in general, but it is especially so in terms of his romantic relationships.

Jeffree has been dating a new lady, as of late. Exactly who is his new love interest, though? Exhaustive details about the unknown man!

Jeffree Star Boyfriend

Seems like Jeffree Star is no longer available. On Friday, January 27th, he announced his new girlfriend to the world via social media.

More than 9 million people have seen Jeffree’s tweet, “Goodbye [Los Angeles], time to spend time with my NFL boo in Wyoming.” He posted a picture of himself and his boyfriend, apparently on a private jet, holding hands and relaxing with their feet up alongside his announcement.

The only discernible features of the man in the video were his shoes, ankles, and pant legs. While Jeffree did not disclose the identity of his new boyfriend, Twitter was on the case.

“My partner is attempting to determine which NFL player Jeffree Star posted, and he told me that Joe Burrow was mentioned. One user tweeted, “This dude looks at me and says, ‘Those are not Joe’s ankles.’

Who is Jeffree Star Boyfriend

Another person added, “Everyone is speculating star NFL players for Jeffree Star’s man, but it’s a backup kicker who’s never even seen the field.”

We can safely say that Jeffree has us baffled. However, this is not the first time he has kept us on the edge of our seats by revealing a boyfriend. Continue reading to learn more about his dating past!

Jeffree Star’s Dating History

Early in 2020, Jeffree’s fans were devastated when he ended his relationship with longtime partner Nathan Schwandt. During their five-year romance, the celebrity pair raised multiple dogs and even shared a property worth $14.6 million.

Jeffree stated in his August 2020 vlog titled “Addressing Rumors About Me While Testing New Makeup” that he was single but had been romantically involved with someone.

Jeffree released a snapshot of himself riding an unknown man a few days after he uploaded the video. Jeffree didn’t know who his new partner was at the time, but the man in the photo was covered in tattoos, making him immediately identifiable.

The individual was quickly identified as NBA player Andre Marhold by detectives.

However, their relationship was brief. One month later, Jeffree accused his ex-lover of theft. After their breakup, rumors circulated that he was seeing Trisha Paytas’s ex-boyfriend Sean van der Wilt.

In February 2021, the two generated dating rumors, but it is unclear when and why they broke up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Was Jeffree’s Relationship With Nate?

YouTube fans recognize Nathan Schwandt as Jeffree Star’s ex-boyfriend. Schwandt dated Star for five years, but he now appears to have a new significant other.

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Did Jeffree and Nate Split Up?

In addition, he recounts how the death of their dog affected their relationship and family health concerns. However, during the video, he repeatedly expresses his love for Nathan, and it appears like the breakup was amicable. We Broke Up.

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How Did Jeffree Star Become So Wealthy?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Star earns over $200 million every year with his YouTube channel, a cosmetics company, other items, and investments. After taxes and other expenses are deducted, Star nets around $75 million USD.


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