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Jamie Lee Curtis Posts Sweet Photo With Daughters on the ‘halloween Ends’ Red Carpet

On Tuesday evening, the actress arrived on the red carpet for the premiere of the next film with her two daughters, Annie Guest, age 35, and Ruby Guest, age 26. The actress was accompanied by both of her children.

Curtis wowed in a ravishing crimson gown with long sleeves that featured off-the-shoulder styling and glitter. Annie elected to wear a black dress that was sleeveless and featured silver roses affixed to the neckline. She also wore mesh gloves that reached her elbows in length.

While this was going on, Ruby looked absolutely stunning with a silver dress paired with a black jacket and a bag in the style of a pumpkin; it was the ideal accent for the event!

The actress documented the occasion on Instagram, where it was viewable by her 4.5 million followers, with the caption, “My relatives. The most proud mother. Thank you very much for your support, @halloweenmovie!”

Her family can always count on Curtis to be there for them as a source of love and support. Recently, the actress discussed the fact that her transgender daughter has gotten death threats from those who use the internet.

Jamie Lee Curtis Posts Sweet Photo With Daughters on the 'halloween Ends' Red Carpet

“I am the mother of a transgender daughter. She is in danger simply because she is a human being and there are those who would like to see her dead “the celebrity disclosed this information to the Cadena SER Radio Network in Spain. “There are those in this world who wish to see her and those like her exterminated. The depth of their malice… It is as if we haven’t learned anything from the fascist past, as if we haven’t learned that the end outcome of fascism is the eradication of human beings. That is a very scary thought.”

After Halloween in 2018 and Halloween Kills in 2021, we finally get at Halloween Ends. The third and final film in the Halloween franchise takes place four years after the events of Halloween Kills. It will delve deeply into Laurie Strode’s life as she adjusts to a newfound sense of freedom from her archenemy, Michael Myers, and will be the conclusion to the Halloween franchise. However, she is not free just yet because he will soon be returning to Haddonfield, Illinois, which will force Strode to encounter Michael for the final time.

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