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Is Vanna White Married? From Her Ex-Husband to Her Current Partner

Is Vanna White Married? Vanda White has been a TV star for 40 years. Her job as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune has made her more well-known. Vanna is famous for her love life, even though her commitment to the show is what she’s most proud of. If so, is Vanna White married?

Vanna White first became a model and then competed in the Miss Georgia USA pageant in 1978. In addition to hosting Wheel of Fortune, she has been in a number of movies and TV shows. She also deals in real estate, runs the Vanna’s Choice brand, and gives money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Who is Vanna White?

The co-host of The Wheel of Fortune was born on February 18, 1957, to Miguel Angel and Joan Marie. vanna’s real father and her mother got a divorce when she was a baby.

Is Vanna White Married?

She raised her daughter with the help of Herbert White Jr. The American TV star moved to Atlanta to work as a model while she later tried to become an actress. She also learned about fashion and style.

Is Vanna White Married?

She has only been married once. She was married to George and Vanna from 1990 to 2002. George Santo is best known for his parts in For All Mankind, The Mandalorian, and Alias. He used to run a restaurant and is now an actress.

The ex-couple told the Wheel of Fortune audience in 1992 that they were having a child, even though the TV star didn’t say anything about the relationship at the time. They lost the child in a terrible way.

The ex-Vanna White’s husband took care of her until their son Nicholas Santo Pietro was born in 1995. After two years, they had a girl named Gigi Santo Pietro. They did, however, file for divorce on May 15, 2002, after being married for 12 years.

Vanna White’s Dating History

There have been relationships between the TV personality and popular people over the years. The list below shows how Vanna White’s ties have changed over time.

Is Vanna White Married?

John Gibson (From 1982 to 1986)

He was a singer and dancer, and they got engaged in the 1980s. Many people know the American actor from the Young and the Restless show where he played Cash Cashman. Gibson dated the co-host of Wheel of Fortune until 1986, after his death in a plane crash in Los Angeles in 1982.

Michael Kaye (From 2004 to 2006)

White’s marriage to George ended, and in 2004 she got engaged to Michael Kaye, a businessman from Southern California. The couple stayed together until they broke up in 2006.

John Donaldson (Since 2012)

She began dating John Donaldson after that. In 2012, they got in touch through friends they both had. Donaldson is a successful contractor even though he’s not a Hollywood star. He owns JDC Construction + Development Group.

Martin Mull, Dan Akroyd, and Richard Dreyfuss are just a few of the big names in Hollywood that the business has worked with since 1992.

Are Vanna White and Pat Sajak Dating?

People have thought for a long time that Pat Sajak and Vanna are dating. In the early 1980s, they started appearing on the famous game show Wheel of Fortune together and became close over time. People have said that they would make a beautiful couple because of how well they get along on TV.

People didn’t believe them when they said they were in a relationship as an April Fool’s joke for a few years. In reality, they stay friends long after the show is over, and their bond is only professional.

Does Vanna White Have Kids?

The American TV host is proud to be a mother of two. She had two children with her ex-husband, George Santo Pietro: Nicholas Pietro (Niko) and Giovanna Pietro.

Vanna White has no more children. All of her children are now adults. Nicholas Pietro will be 29 years old in 2023. He was born on June 10, 1994. He has experience cooking, is a TV star, and is learning how to paint right now.



Vanna White, a 40-year-old TV star, co-hosts Wheel of Fortune and has been involved in various roles, including modeling and acting. She has only been married once, to George Santo Pietro from 1990 to 2002. They had a child, Nicholas Santo Pietro, but divorced in 2002.

White has been in relationships with various celebrities, including John Gibson, Michael Kaye, and John Donaldson. She is also a mother of two children, Nicholas Pietro and Giovanna Pietro. She has no more children, and her commitment to the show remains her most proud accomplishment.

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