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Is Thomas Jack Married?

Thomas Jack is a well-known Australian DJ and producer who has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. With his unique blend of tropical house and deep house music, he has become a favorite among music fans around the world.

However, despite his rising fame, many fans are still curious about his personal life, particularly whether or not he is married. In this article, we will explore the question of whether or not Thomas Jack is married.

Early Life and Career

Before we dive into the question of Thomas Jack’s marital status, let’s take a look at his early life and career. Thomas Jack was born in Bemboka, New South Wales, Australia, on March 22, 1993.

He developed an early interest in music and began playing the guitar at the age of six. As he grew older, he became interested in electronic music and started DJing at local parties and events.

In 2013, Thomas Jack released his first track, “Final Speech,” which gained widespread recognition in the music industry. He went on to release several more tracks, including “Symphony,” “Rivers,” and “The Show.”

His unique style of music, which combined tropical house and deep house elements, gained a large following among music fans around the world.

Is Thomas Jack Married?

Now, let’s get to the question that many fans are curious about: Is Thomas Jack married? The answer is not straightforward.

There is no public record of Thomas Jack being married, and he has not made any official statements on the matter. However, there have been rumors circulating about his relationship status.

Is Thomas Jack Married

In 2017, Thomas Jack was rumored to be dating model and Instagram influencer Mimi Elashiry. The couple was spotted together at various events and on social media, leading fans to speculate that they were in a relationship. However, neither Thomas Jack nor Mimi Elashiry confirmed the rumors, and their relationship status remains unclear.

In a 2019 interview with The Music, Thomas Jack was asked about his relationship status. He responded, “I am single at the moment, but I am open to finding someone special.

This statement suggests that he was not in a relationship at the time of the interview, but it does not provide any information on his past relationships or whether he has been married.

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Privacy and Personal Life

One reason why there is a lack of information about Thomas Jack’s marital status is that he is a very private person. He rarely shares details about his personal life on social media or in interviews, preferring to keep his focus on his music career.


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In an interview with InTheMix in 2014, Thomas Jack spoke about the importance of separating his personal life from his music career.

He said, “I’m a very private person, and I like to keep my personal life separate from my music. I think it’s important to have that separation, so you can focus on your art without any distractions.”

This dedication to his craft and his desire for privacy may be why there is so little information available about Thomas Jack’s personal life, including his marital status.


In conclusion, while there is no public record of Thomas Jack being married, his private nature makes it difficult to confirm or deny such rumors.

Nevertheless, his focus on his music career and dedication to his craft is undeniable, and that should be what he is celebrated for. Fans of his music will undoubtedly continue to support him, regardless of his marital status.

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