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Is Oli London Dead? Is It A Rumour?

Is Oli London Dead? Oli London, a K-pop star and fanatic, trended on Twitter after trolls claimed he was deceased and Instagram memorialized his account.

Oli asserts that he receives daily death threats and extreme tormenting.

Who is Oli London?

Oli is a British reality television personality and K-pop vocalist who spent tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to resemble BTS member Park Jimin.

In the past seven years, he has undergone 15 surgical procedures and 100 non-surgical procedures.

He has appeared on a number of television programs, including Dr Phil and Botched, to document and discuss his preoccupation with Jimin and his plastic surgeries.

As if his plastic surgery and marriage to a Jimin cardboard cutout weren’t enough to demonstrate his preoccupation with the BTS star, he also underwent plastic surgery. The ceremony in Las Vegas was covered by Daily Mail TV, E!, and countless other media outlets.

Is Oli London Dead

Is Oli London Dead?

No! He is not dead. Oli London is alive (5th May 2023). Oli London became a prominent topic on Twitter on May 27 (past) after his Instagram was archived.

There was much confusion on the internet, with some trolls alleging he was dead and others believing he attempted to pull off a suicide prank, even writing a fake suicide note.

Oli’s social media accounts had been inactive for several days, with the exception of TikTok, where he posted a video on May 26.

A “prank website” named published a reading passage.

“Oli London perished today. At 5:21 p.m. GMT, a friend who wishes to remain anonymous discovered his body in his London residence. A suicide note was discovered close to his corpse.”

“It stated, ‘Because I will never resemble Jimin, I have decided I can no longer endure this. Heaven allows me to be Jimin! I can be his Oppar and date him simultaneously! When you’re feeling down, you should think of Oli. Eh Oh.’ “A heart was drawn at the bottom of the note.”

“His ex-girlfriend, Frenchy Morgan, had this to say about the celebrity’s passing: ‘It’s just so tragic. I assume I was mistaken about him desiring only influence. Perhaps he told me that to conceal the fact that he was extremely clinically fixated. I adore Oli.'”

“This has been OliEhOh999 reporting for the Channel 34 News.”

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How Does Oli London Feel About the Rumours of His Death?

Oli claims that when he rose on the 27th of May, he discovered that Instagram had memorialized his account, declaring him deceased.

The celebrity told Jam Press, “I woke up at 10 a.m. today [27 May], and whenever I wake up, the first thing I do is check my social media to see what’s happening. So I went to Instagram and saw that my account had been memorialized, indicating that I had passed away.”

Is Oli London Dead

“I was stunned and angered because I use Instagram so frequently, particularly for my music. I assumed I had been hacked or something, so I tried to send an email to Instagram, but I couldn’t because they believed someone else was sending the email on my behalf.”

They literally believed I was deceased and instructed me to submit a death certificate and obituary, which is absurd.

“This event has had a profound effect on me, to the point where I began to question whether I was dreaming or actually dead.”

Oli has stated that the false reports of his mortality have been “extremely distressing” for his friends and family, particularly his mother.

“It’s been so difficult to explain to my mother that I’m not dead and that these are just trolls; she’s been very distressed by this.”

“I feel lost without Instagram and saddened that so many of my friends genuinely believe I’m dead and I have no way to reassure them that I’m okay.”

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Oli London, a K-pop star and fanatic, was trending on Twitter after trolls claimed he was dead and Instagram memorialized his account.

He had undergone plastic surgery to resemble BTS member Park Jimin and was married to a cardboard cutout. He is alive on 5th May 2023. Oli discovered that Instagram had memorialized his account, declaring him deceased, which has had a profound effect on him and his family.

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