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Is Nicole Briscoe Pregnant? What Happened to Nicole?

Is Nicole Briscoe Pregnant? Nicole Briscoe is a sportscaster for a living. She is widely recognised for hosting NASCAR Now and NASCAR Countdown.

In addition to being hired by ESPN, Briscoe has experience competing in beauty pageants. In reality, in 1998 she has crowned Miss Illinois Teen USA. In 2001, Briscoe competed in the Miss Illinois USA pageant and earned the position of first runner-up.

Is Nicole Briscoe Pregnant?

Is Nicole Briscoe Pregnant? No, Nicole Briscoe is not pregnant. However, she has spoken publicly about her miscarriages and reproductive procedures.

Soon, Briscoe will undergo a hysterectomy to remove her uterus. She is an exceptional mother to her two children, Finley and Blake.

Is Nicole Briscoe Pregnant

Briscoe has noted, in reference to two of her miracles, “There is something to be said about when you have to work so hard to acquire it – not a day goes by that I don’t enjoy it.” Moreover, the pregnancy rumours about Briscoe are untrue.

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Nicole Briscoe’s Miscarriage and Pregnancy Examined

Nicole Briscoe, a sportscaster for EPSN, overcame ten years of infertility and numerous losses in order to have two children. During April’s National Infertility Awareness Week, she spoke to People about her long path to parenting.

When the 41-year-old woman and her husband, Ryan Briscoe, decided to start trying for a child, she discovered that things were not “going according to plan.”

Nicole had no idea that the journey she would have to follow to become a mother would be riddled with permanent miscarriages.

When all of their efforts, she and her husband sought fertility treatments, which included six intrauterine inseminations (IUIs) and multiple rounds of in-vitro fertilisation after they failed (IVF).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Years has Nicole Briscoe Worked for ESPN?

Prior to her 2009 marriage to racing driver Ryan Briscoe, who at the time competed in the IndyCar Series and now competes in sports car racing, she joined ESPN in 2008 as Nicole Manske. Before joining ESPN, Briscoe co-hosted a motorsports news programme on the SPEED Channel for two years.

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What Happened to Nicole Briscoe?

The marathon marked another step in her recovery from a severe knee injury she sustained in February 2021, which required two operations. She ran and completed the New York City Marathon in November, but claims she was unprepared and should not have participated.


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