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Is Lucas Hedges Gay? Unraveling the Truth Behind the Speculation

Is Lucas Hedges Gay? Lucas Hedges, who was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Manchester by the Sea, is ready to come back with a tough character. The star is set to date Mike Faist in a new project they are working on together. However, this made people think about him more, and they began to wonder if he was gay.

Is Lucas Hedges a boy gay? People who saw him in Boy Erased were very interested in this because he played a gay character so well that they wondered if he could really connect to that character.

He was seen holding hands with his co-star, which made many people wonder if it was just a mask he was wearing to get LGBTQ fans. Is Lucas Hedges really gay, or is it all a show? Check it out!

Who Is Lucas Hedges?

Lucas Hedges was born in Brooklyn on December 12, 1996. His parents are actor and poet Susan Bruce and director and screenwriter Peter Hedges. Lucas came from a family with a lot of power, which served him well as an actor.

As a child, he often went to his dad’s movie sets, and he finally got a part in Dan In Real Life. Lucas went to Saint Ann’s School before graduating from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He went to Northwestern University’s Cherubs Theatre Program as well.

How did Hedges Become Famous?

Lucas’s first movie was Moonrise Kingdom, which was directed by Wes Anderson. But did you know that the casting director saw Hedges in a middle school play? That’s how he got the part of Redford in the movie. Later, Hedges played small parts in a number of shows before joining the cast of Manchester by the Sea.

Is Lucas Hedges Gay?

He played Patrick Chandler, a youngster who was dealing with the death of his father and finding it hard to live with his troubled uncle. His amazing performance quickly caught the attention of reviewers.

Hedges also won the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Actor. In fact, the Academy Awards put him in the running for Best Supporting Actor.

The next year, he got his start on Broadway as a lead. He was nominated for the Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play for his outstanding performance as a violent and angry kid. For the part, he also won a Theatre World Award.

The Gay Character of Lucas Hedges

The news just came out that Lucas is going to be in a stage version of Brokeback Mountain. The show will open for the first time on May 10, 2023, in London’s Soho Place.

He will play Ennis, who is played in the movie by Heath Ledger. He will be in the movie with Mike Faist. The show is going to be about two young cowboys who are on a quest to find love.

But their sexuality makes things harder for them in the harsh environment. His friends thought the summary made them wonder if he was gay. Is Lucas Hedges a boy gay? Check it out!

Is Lucas Hedges Gay?

When Lucas Hedges’ Boy Erased first came out, it quickly became a big deal on the internet. He played a gay college student whose Christian parents found out about his sexuality and sent him to talk therapy. Soon, a lot of people didn’t believe Lucas Hedges was gay.

Though there were a lot of rumors, the star didn’t wait long to say that he was gay. He talked about how the movie helped him learn more about himself in an interview with Variety.

Is Lucas Hedges Gay?

Even though he played a gay character in the movie, he wasn’t sure about his own sexuality yet. He told the news source that his life was confusing and divided and that he felt like he had to step up right now.

In later years, Hedges talked about having a crush on a boy at a camp when he was only three years old. But when his mother heard that he was upset, she tried to make him feel better. He said that he was getting older and that he was interested in both guys and women.

But he never felt interested in his male high school friends who were in his closet. Hedges said that women were his favorite thing and that he thought he was on a range. In his own words, Hedges was “not totally straight, not necessarily bisexual, and also not gay.” So, is Lucas Hedges really gay?

Lucas Hedges’s Relationship History

Lucas Hedges has been seen a lot of times with Taylor Russell, who he works with on Waves. Soon after the movie’s opening, the stars were seen at a basketball game together, lips pressed together. Fans were very interested and couldn’t wait to find out if they were getting together.

But the stars never revealed that they were dating. They were seen shaking hands together more than once. The reports stopped when Lucas was seen with Tommy Dorfman, though. As they walked down the street, they both put their arms around each other. But they never made it official that they were dating yet.

So, it’s still not clear if Lucas Hedges is gay. He calls himself sexually fluid, though, because he thinks there’s a part of him that likes guys too. But up until now, he’s only been with women. So it’s still not clear if he’s really gay.

In the spotlights of their competitors, this year have been many renowned celebrities. There are numerous well-known personalities here, such as Matt Terry and Matt Gaetz. But we think all the questions that our readers had have been covered in our blogs. We trust this clarifies your inquiry concerning the sexual orientation of Lucas Hedges.


Lucas Hedges, nominated for an Oscar for his role in Manchester by the Sea, is set to date Mike Faist in a new project. Hedges, born in Brooklyn in 1996, gained fame for his role in Moonrise Kingdom and Manchester by the Sea.

Hedges played Patrick Chandler in the movie and won the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Actor. Hedges is set to star in Brokeback Mountain, a stage version of the movie, with Heath Ledger and Mike Faist.

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