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Is Kiana Valenciano Engaged? All You Need to Know

Filipino R&B singer and songwriter Kiana Valenciano is engaged. She is the daughter of Filipino music legend Gary Valenciano.
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Is Kiana Valenciano Engaged?

Yes, Sandro is going to marry Kiana Valenciano. Gary Valenciano’s daughter, Kiana, just got an engagement ring. Her father shared the happy news on Instagram. He posted a picture of himself and Kiana to show how much he loved her and was happy for her.

Gary Valenciano also said that he wanted to talk to Kiana about important things before the wedding. He thanked Kiana’s fiance Sandro and made him feel welcome in their family. This happy news has caught the eye of other famous people, and Kiana’s engagement starts a new chapter in her life since she was previously with Sam Concepcion.


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Kiana Valenciano Boyfriend 2023

Sandro is the guy Kiana Valenciano is seeing. Gary Valenciano’s daughter, Kiana, has fallen in love with Sandro, and their relationship has hit a new point with her recent announcement that she is getting married. This comes after her last relationship, with singer-actor Sam Concepcion, ended in September 2018.

Sandro has been accepted into the Valenciano family with open arms. Gary Valenciano told Sandro how thankful he was for him and how happy he was to have him join them. Kiana’s friendship with Sandro is a major turning point in her life.

Kiana Valenciano Husband

Kiana Valenciano is currently in a relationship with Sandro, who is her fiance. Even though they haven’t tied the knot yet, their engagement is a big step in their relationship. Kiana is the daughter of well-known singer Gary Valenciano. On her Instagram account, she often shows views of her life and calls herself a “curious spirit.” After putting out her “DAZED EP,” Kiana is known not only for her artistic work but also for being open about her personal life.

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Fans and friends are excited to hear more about their wedding plans now that she is engaged to Sandro. The couple’s path from engagement to marriage is full of excitement, as they start this new part of their lives together and keep telling the world about their love.

Kiana Valenciano Age

Kiana Valenciano is in her early 30s right now. She was born on December 21, 1992, so right now she is 30 years old. This talented R&B singer and songwriter from the Philippines has already reached a lot of important milestones in her work, showing off her talent and creativity to audiences in the Philippines and around the world. In 2018, Tarsier Records saw how talented Kiana was and asked her to sign with the music company.

Is Kiana Valenciano Engaged

Tarsier Records put out her first EP, “Grey,” which included the song “Caught U,” which was nominated for an Awit Award. In 2019, she put out her first full-length record, “See Me,” which showed how much she had grown as an artist. The record, which had 10 songs she wrote herself, showed how good she was not only as a singer but also as a writer.

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Kiana has done more than just work as a solo artist. She has worked with singers from both the Philippines and other countries. This shows how versatile she is and how willing she is to try out different kinds of music. She has been on big stages for her shows, like an event in New York City and a show in Los Angeles, California.

Kiana Valenciano About

Filipino R&B singer and songwriter Kiana Valenciano is known for her music which has a lot of soul and feeling. She was born on December 21, 1992, and her father, the famous Filipino musician Gary Valenciano, comes from a singing family. Kiana started out as a solo singer in 2017. Her first two singles were “Circles” and “Does She Know.” Her unique voice and artistic style got her noticed quickly, and in 2018 she signed with the music house Tarsier Records.

Her first EP, “Grey,” was released by Tarsier Records. It had the song “Caught U,” which was nominated for an Awit Award. “See Me,” Kiana’s first full-length record, came out in 2019 and showed off her skills as a singer-songwriter.

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Kiana has made a name for herself in the music industry through collaborations and appearances on stages around the world. Her soulful melodies and genuine artistry have connected with audiences.

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