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Is Josie Bates Pregnant? Latest Reports and Insights

How far along is Josie Bates? Yes, Reality TV star Josie Bates has told her husband Kelton Balka through an adorable Instagram Reel that she is pregnant for the third time. Find out how Josie became a mother, how she and Kelton got together, and how excited they are to have their third child.
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Is Josie Bates Pregnant?

As Josie Bates gets ready for her third child to come into the world, she is feeling a strong sense of expectation. This sweet news was recently shared with her loyal followers in a cute Instagram Reel. The announcement was made in a touching way when she showed off a series of sonogram pictures, a move that touched her family and friends deeply.

On this trip, she is with her husband, Kelton Balka, and they are both excited for their family to grow. When their third bundle of joy comes, it will be a continuation of the deep love and warmth they have shown their two girls, Hazel and Willow, through their careful parenting. The journey of becoming parents, which will be marked by their soon-to-be-born child, shows how committed they are to each other and how important their beliefs are to them.

Who is Josie Bates’ Husband?

At the center of Josie Bates’ life story is Kelton Balka, who has been with her through an amazing journey of love and growth. At the start of their journey together, they said their vows in a beautiful outdoor wedding set against the peaceful Tennessee mountains. Through “Bringing Up Bates,” their fans have seen how they went from being passionate lovers to caring parents.

Is Josie Bates Pregnant

Kelton has taken on the many joys and tasks of being a parent with all of his heart, just like Josie did. As they eagerly wait for their third child to arrive, they stand together and talk about how much fun it is to raise their two girls, Hazel and Willow. This trip shows how close they are as a family and how much they want to make their home a place of love and togetherness.

Josie Bates Age

Josie Bates, who is 24 years old, is a shining example of youth and energy. She embodies the spirit of joy and excitement that defines her current stage of life. Josie’s life has been shaped by the chapters of building a family and realizing her roles as a loving wife and caring mother. All of this has happened under the watching eye of reality TV.

Her birthday, July 27, 1999, is a powerful reminder of how relatable and moving the stories she shares with her fans are. These moments have helped her connect with her fans on a personal level, creating a sense of understanding and resonance.

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As she deals with the ups and downs of being a parent, Josie’s age shows how real and charming she is, which is why she is so popular in the world of reality television.

Expecting Third Baby

The news that Josie Bates is about to have her third child has sparked a wave of joy and anticipation among her loyal fans. The sweet Instagram Reel she posted, which had adorable sonogram pictures and the sweet message “Balka, Party of Five!! “, is a beautiful sign that their family will soon be growing by one more member.

Josie and Kelton are very excited to meet their third child, who is due in early March. Their girls Hazel and Willow have already left indelible marks on their family’s journey. Fans have been guessing about this for months, and the news confirms how the story of how they became parents has changed over time.


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This trip is a big part of their reality show, “Bringing Up Bates,” where their experiences, joys, and struggles really hit home with the viewers. As the Bates family grows to include their newest member, fans of the show look forward to the heartwarming moments that are sure to happen as they deal with the new dynamics of a family starting a new chapter.

Embracing Parenthood and Love

Josie Bates and Kelton Balka have started their journey as parents, which is both fun and hard. Their journey began almost two years ago when their first girl, Willow Kristy, was born. This was a happy and thankful time for the whole family. When their second girl, Hazel Sloane, came along in 2021, it made them feel even happier and more in love.

Their love for their kids shines through beautifully in the photos and videos they post on social media and in “Bringing Up Bates.” This journey into parenthood has been full of heartwarming moments, important blessings, and shared experiences that their loyal viewers and other parents can relate to.

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As the Bates family opens up about their love story, their amazing wedding, and the many adventures that follow, the bond between them and their loyal fans keeps getting stronger. Through these heartfelt portrayals, Josie and Kelton have made a lasting connection with viewers, who have become a part of their journey and are eagerly awaiting the next story and the heartwarming moments it promises to bring.

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