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Is J Schwanke Married? Is J Schwanke Have Kids?

Is J Schwanke Married? Find out about J Schwanke’s relationship status and whether or not he is married. Learn more about J Schwanke’s relationship status and whether or not he is married at the moment.
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Is J Schwanke Married?

Kelly James Blank is married to J Schwanke, a well-known flower artist. They started their journey of love and commitment on October 21, 2013, when they got married in a beautiful ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada. A close friend of the couple, Laura Daluga, led the service, which made it even more special.

J Schwanke met Kelly Blank at a farmers’ market in Michigan, where she was selling food. This was the start of their love story. Their friendship grew, and soon they were deeply in love with each other. After three years of getting to know each other, J. Schwanke chose to ask Kelly Blank to marry him on Valentine’s Day, while they were on a trip to Michigan’s beautiful Mackinac Island. Kelly Blank was so happy that she couldn’t say no to the proposal, and they made a promise to stay together.

J Schwanke loves showing his fans on social media platforms glimpses of his wonderful wife, Kelly Blank. They have also worked together on shows like J Schwanke’s “Life in Bloom” and the amazing book “Bloom 365: The Essential Guide to Floral Design.” Their friendship is even stronger because they both love art and design.

As a couple, J Schwanke and Kelly James Blank love to travel to new places and get involved in exciting adventures. Their good relationship is clear from how often they travel together and how much they enjoy seeing the world’s beauty together.

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J Schwanke and Kelly James Blank continue to celebrate their happy marriage every year on their wedding anniversary, October 21st. They make each other happy and are often seen enjoying each other’s company in different social settings. Their captivating love story leaves a lasting impact.

Who is J Schwanke Married?

Kelly James Blank, a talented graphic artist and co-founder of J Schwanke Productions, is married to J Schwanke. They had been close for more than 25 years before they got married in 2013. Kelly makes a lot of contributions to J’s books and TV shows, which shows how well they work together. Even though J. Schwanke hasn’t said what his spouse’s full name is in public, he calls him “Kelly” in interviews and on social media.

J. Schwanke is a well-known television figure who is known for his skill in flower design. He is the host of the popular HGTV show “Flowers Untamed” and has written a number of books about how to make flowers. Schwanke also co-founded J Schwanke Productions, a well-known business that makes high-quality content about floral design for TV, print, and digital media.

Is J Schwanke Married

Kelly James Blank is a talented graphic artist and co-founder of J Schwanke Productions. He is an important part of the company. He works closely with J on a number of books and TV projects, bringing his amazing design skills and a keen eye for detail to the table. Kelly’s constant help and willingness to work together bring J’s ideas to life in the most amazing ways.

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J Schwanke and Kelly James Blank make a great team when they work together. Their amazing skills shared love of floral design, and willingness to work together create a setting where they can always make great work. Every project they work on shows how well they work together and how well their ideas mesh, which solidifies their image in the industry as an inspiring duo.

Is J Schwanke Have Kids?

J Schwanke is married to Kelly James Blank, and they have been together for over 25 years. Even though they don’t have any kids, they have found a lot of happiness and satisfaction in their life together. In an interview from 2017, J Schwanke said that they were open to the idea of having children but that it just didn’t happen for them. They have accepted their life without kids and are happy and satisfied in their relationship.

Even though J Schwanke and Kelly Blank don’t have their own kids, they are very close with their nieces and cousins. They love being fun-loving uncles, and it makes them happy to be involved in their lives. This connection with their broader family makes them happy and makes them feel like they’ve reached their goals.

J. Schwanke is very passionate about his job as a floral artist, and he thinks that his creative work makes a difference in the world. He and Kelly help each other with their careers and find comfort in the fact that they both love design and creation.

In an interview in 2022, J. Schwanke said that they are still happy with their choice not to have children. They feel like their lives are full and that they have everything they need. They are thankful for the life they have made together and enjoy their time without children. They find happiness in their relationship and the creative projects they work on together.

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J Schwanke and Kelly Blank love and care for each other because they share a passion, help each other with their jobs, and enjoy being with each other. They have built a life full of love, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the decisions they have made. Their story shows that there are many ways to find happiness and satisfaction in life.

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