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Is Hidan Still Alive? Is He Truly Immortal?

Is Hidan Still Alive? Hidan is an elderly young man with the silver hair of medium length slicked back and pinkish-purple eyes. Many believed Hidan to be deceased; therefore, is Hidan still alive? Let’s examine this more and investigate whether Hidan is still alive or dead, as well as additional information about Hidan.

Who is Hidan?

Hidan is a Jashin-worshipping S-rank missing-nin who defected from Yugakure and eventually joined the Akatsuki. Despite their mutual loathing for one another, he was partnered with Kakuzu there.

Is Hidan Still Alive

In addition, he was the second-newest member of Akatsuki at the moment Tobi was introduced.  Kisame Hoshigaki referred to Hidan and Kakuzu as the Zombie Combo with amusement.

Is Hidan Still Alive?

Hidan is a young man 22 years of age. Hidan is eternal. Therefore was not dead; he was blown to smithereens by Shikamaru and buried alive (but disassembled), and he even vowed to “get” with Shikamaru in the future.

He is no longer limited to combat since he is fascinated by death. Hidan is alive but slowly expiring due to a lack of nourishment. It seems Hidan did not die.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hidan Truly Immortal?

Due to prolonged experimentation with the many Jutsu of the Jashin sect, Hidan’s major power was the inability to die. Even after having his head severed, he kept the capacity to communicate due to his immortality.

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Is Hidan Officially Dead?

Hidan was slain by Team 10’s Shikamaru Nara. Hidan is rumoured to be buried in the depths of the Nara Clan Forest Reserve, yet it has not been proved that he is dead because he is immortal. Team 10 was able to exact vengeance on their sensei, Asuma Sarutobi.

Is Hidan a Character in Boruto?

Hidan could have made an excellent antagonist in the Boruto series, but the writers chose not to go in that direction.


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