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Is Claire Holt Pregnant? Discover the Latest News!

How far along is Claire Holt? Claire Holt and her husband, Andrew Joblon, are having their third child. Find out more about the Australian actor, how old she is, and her beautiful life as a mother of two children with a third on the way.
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Is Claire Holt Pregnant?

Claire Holt is, in fact, carrying her third child. In May 2023, at the Cannes Film Festival, the Australian actress showed off her growing baby bump and said she was pregnant. Claire and her husband, Andrew Joblon, who got married in August 2018, are excitedly preparing to welcome another addition to their family.


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Before the birth of their first son, James, in March 2019 and their daughter, Elle, in September 2020, the couple lost a child to a miscarriage. This happy news came after that loss. Claire’s journey to motherhood has been filled with both happiness and challenges, but she is now eagerly looking forward to accepting motherhood once again.

Claire Holt Children

Claire Holt and her husband, Andrew Joblon, have been blessed with two adorable children, whom they love very much. In March 2019, they had their first child, a boy named James. This was the start of their journey. When their second child, a girl named Elle, was born in September 2020, the happiness of their growing family continued to grow.

Claire was happy to be a mother again and happily showed off her baby bump at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in May 2023 when she announced she was pregnant. The couple can’t wait to meet their third child, and fans can’t wait to meet this new bundle of joy who will join the Holt-Joblon family.


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Claire and Andrew’s love and dedication as parents shine through as they take their children on a beautiful trip of growing up. They make memories that will bring them joy for years to come.

Claire Holt’s Exciting Journey to Motherhood

Claire Holt has had many ups and downs on her way to becoming a mother. After marrying Andrew Joblon in August 2018, she had a miscarriage, which was very sad. But in March 2019, they were happy again when they had their first child, a son named James. When their daughter Elle was born in September 2020, they became parents for the second time. This brought them even more happiness.

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Claire was very happy to tell everyone at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023 that she was going to have her third child. Claire has had a miscarriage in the past, but her positive attitude shows through in a social media post in which she refers to her baby bump as “half baguette, half baby.” Fans and well-wishers are very excited for Claire and Andrew’s new baby to join their happy family.

Claire Holt’s Lighthearted Pregnancy Updates

Throughout the entirety of her pregnancy, Claire Holt has maintained a cheerful presence on social media, which has kept her admirers entertained. She talked about how thrilled she is to have more children on the way, and she joked around about how her belly swelled up almost immediately following the positive pregnancy test. The admirers of Claire have had their hearts warmed by her amusing take on pregnancy as well as her family’s joyful moments, especially her son James’ endearing passion for having a large brood.

As she gets ready to give birth to her third child, Claire is thankful to her husband, Andrew Joblon, who is always there for her and actively supports her even as he takes care of their obligations at home.

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Claire Holt continues to motivate her devoted following by expressing her genuine affection for motherhood and her burgeoning family in ways that are congruent with her luminous personality and upbeat spirit.

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