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Is Andy Cohen Divorced? Who is Andy Cohen Dating Now?

Is Andy Cohen’s marriage over? Find out the latest news about Andy Cohen’s relationship situation. Find out if the famous author and talk show host is divorced or not, and learn more about his personal life and relationships.
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Andy Cohen About

Andy Cohen is a well-known radio and TV talk show host, director, and writer in the United States. He is well-known for being the charismatic face of The Real Housewives and the executive producer of Watch What Happens Live!, Bravo’s late-night talk show. Cohen keeps people entertained and interested with his high energy on Sirius XM, where he has his own pop culture station called Radio Andy.

Before he became a TV host, he was the executive vice president of Development and Talent at Bravo, where he was a key part of making new material and finding new talent.

Cohen did more than just host. He was also an executive producer on the popular reality cooking show Top Chef and led the return of the popular dating show Love Connection. Andy Cohen is still a big name in the entertainment business. He has won many awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award and two Peabody Awards.

Is Andy Cohen Divorced?

Andy Cohen is not getting a divorce, no. He has never been married and has decided not to. Even though Andy is well-known in the entertainment industry, he has chosen to focus on his successful job and being a loving father to his two children, Benjamin and Lucy, who were born through surrogacy.

Is Andy Cohen Divorced

He has said he wants to find love and settle down, but he hasn’t said who his personal partner is in public. Andy’s main goal is to give his children a loving and caring home, and he finds great joy and satisfaction in his job as a father. Even though he is not married right now, he is still open to what the future may bring.

Andy Cohen Spouse

Andy Cohen has never been married, so he does not have a partner. Instead, he has focused on his successful job and being a great dad to his two kids, Benjamin and Lucy. Andy has said that he wants to find love and have a long-term relationship, but he has decided to keep his personal life, including any possible romantic connections, private.

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His main goal is to be a caring and involved father to his kids, making sure they get the care, attention, and safe setting they need. Andy is always committed to being a good father, and he gets satisfaction in taking care of his children. Even though he doesn’t have a partner, his children come first in his life.

Who is Andy Cohen Dating Now?

Andy Cohen’s love life is private right now, and he hasn’t talked about his partner in public. Even though he has said he wants love, he has decided to keep his personal relationships private. Some people thought that he was very close to John Mayer, but Andy said that they were just good friends.


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Andy Cohen’s main focus right now is on his successful work as a host of radio and TV talk shows, director, and author. He also wants to be a loving and caring father to his two children, Benjamin and Lucy.

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Andy Cohen likes to keep the details of his personal relationships out of the public eye so that he can keep a low profile when it comes to his dating life.

Andy Cohen’s Journey as a Single Father

Andy Cohen’s life as a single parent has been both hard and good. As a well-known person in the showbiz business, he chose to have a child through surrogacy. His two children, Benjamin and Lucy, make his life very happy and full. Andy may not be married or have a definite romantic partner, but he puts all of his love and energy into being a good father.

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He makes it a priority to give his children a loving and caring home, making sure they have a safe and happy childhood. Even though it’s hard for Andy to balance his successful job and his responsibilities as a single parent, he does so with dedication and love.

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