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Indian Matchmaking Season 3: Who Are Sima Aunty’s Clients During This Season?

Get rid of your list of requirements, because there are none to watch the new season of Indian Matchmaking.

Sima Taparia, who her clients call “Sima Aunty” because she helps them find love, is back for Season 3. Once again, the docuseries will follow a group of single South Asians in India and around the world as they look for partners.

This time, Mumbai’s best matchmaker has her work cut out for her. To help both old and new clients, she will use her decades of experience, traditional methods, and her gut that can’t be fooled by Aparna.

Fans of the show know that the only thing Sima Aunty loves more than Taco Bell is helping people find their perfect match, as long as their biodata is compatible, of course.

Here’s everything you need to know about Season 3 to get ready for the new shows.

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Release Date

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on Friday, April 21, 2023, so get ready for it by clearing your schedule. On this date, the entire third season will be available for streaming at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET.

What Happens in Indian Matchmaking Season 3?

When we last saw Sima, some of her clients were getting married and others were getting back into dating. But the work of a matchmaker is never done, especially when fate is involved.

Indian Matchmaking Season 3

In the eight new shows, Sima will try to find Indian and Indian American singles lifelong partners, putting their futures in her hands. The matchmaker pulls from her large library of criteria lists, biodata, and astrological charts to help singles through the process of an arranged marriage.

She will also get help along the way. This season, Sima meets up with other matchmakers. Some of them use dating apps to make it easier for people to find love.

Who Are Sima Aunty’s Clients During This Season?

People who come to Sima for help will be both new and old. This season, Viral and Aashay’s love story keep getting better, and the two of them do some exciting things together.

Rushali, who went on a bad date with Pradhyuman in Season 1, is still looking for a partner who will see beyond her beauty queen act. In the last few minutes of Season 2, fans also got their first look at Priya, a young divorcee from London who is going to try dating again in Season 3.

Indian Matchmaking Season 3

As for the new people, they will meet a math teacher who is often friend zoned, an ER doctor with a list of requirements that could match Aparna’s, and a client who reminds Sima of herself when she was younger.

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In the trailer, one of the new cast members jokes, “If I had to describe myself, I’d say I’m desperate, please help.” The mother of another new cast member says her beatboxer son loves “the swag” in a partner.

Where Was This Season Filmed?

With so many single people to work with, Sima’s passport is the only thing that is more worn than her database. This year, Sima will take her skills as a matchmaker all over the world. She will go to people’s homes in London, New Delhi, Miami, New York, and other places to help them find their soulmates.

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