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In This Important Category, Kanye West Surprisingly Trails Hip-hop Icons Drake and Eminem

Even though Kanye West is widely regarded as a musical genius, there is still a lot of stiff competition for the top spots. Donda 2, the artist’s most recent record, was released back in February of this year, despite the fact that the star is currently very busy debriefing each week. Alongside the progression of his career, the rapper has witnessed the expansion and maturation of streaming services.

Hip-hop musicians, particularly those who rose to prominence in the 1990s, have gone a long way since the days of selling CDs and have found success in the realm of social networks. In the present world, we have artists like as Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Drake competing against artists such as Doja Cat, Lil Pump, and Travis Scott. However, how do you evaluate the combination of new and vintage rap? Take a look at this.

The rappers who beat Kanye West and topped the list of “most listened to”

The world of rap is always adapting to new developments in technology and cultural norms. The findings, however, demonstrated that rappers remain at the top of the charts in the long run, despite the fact that newbies are rapidly moving up the charts. A ranking of the top five most talented rap artists was presented in a list that was shared on Twitter by RapTV. Kanye West is still ranked among the top five rap artists, but he has been passed by three other competitors, who are now ahead of him in the rankings. As a result, he is in fourth place. The rapper has a grand total of 26 billion opportunities to perform.

The competition between West and Drake’s 53 billion auditions puts Drake in first place. Given that the singer of “Hotline Bling” frequently disparages Ye in his music, this should bring a twist to the situation. After him, the Puerto Rican musician Bad Bunny holds the position of number two with a total of 48 billion subscribers. His song “Me Porto Bonito” became a smash success and quickly gained popularity. Because of his talent, we can see that being able to make music does not require understanding of the language behind it; rather, vibrations and beats are sufficient.

On the other hand, Eminem began his career in the 1990s and is still considered a well-known celebrity today. His 32 billion auditions haven’t stopped fans from falling in love with him long after his prime. Doja Cat and DaBaby were two more rookies who were included on the list.

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