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In the Middle of an Estate Dispute With Anne Heche’s Son Homer, James Tupper Was Denied Guardianship of Atlas.

James Tupper’s request to be appointed as guardian ad litem for his kid was turned down by a judge in the state of California.

According to records that Page Six was able to get, the court decided that Homer Laffoon should be appointed as his half-legal brother’s guardian since Tupper, who shares legal custody of Atlas with Anne Heche, had not presented sufficient evidence to prevent this from happening.

Bryan L. Phipps, the attorney for Laffoon, issued the following statement to Page Six in response to the decision: “We are happy — but not surprised — with the court’s finding this morning dismissing James‘ petition to appoint himself guardian ad litem for Atlas. We are looking forward to the next hearing where the court will make a decision regarding Homer’s petition, and in the meantime, Homer will continue to faithfully administer the Estate in accordance with the authority that he was granted as Special Administrator.

Homer, who is Heche’s oldest son with Coleman Laffoon, submitted a petition on August 31 to be named executor of his mother’s estate. In the petition, Homer asserts that he is “the person with the highest priority of appointment” and that he islegally entitled to appointment as administrator.” Homer is Heche’s son from a previous relationship with Coleman Laffoon.

Before requesting the court to appoint him as Atlas’ guardian, the young man, who is now 20, made a plea that he and his brother be recognized as the sole inheritors of their late actress.

Immediately after that, Tupper attempted to prevent Homer from continuing by arguing that “being a minor, Atlas does not possess the power to hire legal representation to advocate his interests in these proceedings.”

In addition to that, he stated that he is Atlas’ only surviving parent, that the two of them currently reside together, and that he loves his son “very much.”

Anne Heche's Son Homer, James Tupper Was Denied Guardianship of Atlas.

Tupper continued by stating in his petition, “In order to preserve family harmony and a healthy, brotherly relationship between Atlas and Homer, and given the complexity, this estate will foreseeably involve… a bonded, neutral, private professional fiduciary would be a more appropriate administrator.” Tupper was referring to the fact that a neutral administrator would be better able to handle the complexities of the estate.

According to an email that Heche had sent to Tupper in 2011, Tupper claimed that he was the executor of Heche’s estate in addition to seeking the court to appoint him as the legal guardian of his kid. Tupper also asked the court to name him as the legal guardian of his son.

In the supposed will, she is said to have written, “My wishes are that all of my assets go to the control of Mr. James Tupper to be utilized to raise my children and then transferred to the children,” which is what her husband claims to have found.

However, Homer retorted and stated that the alleged will was not valid because it “was not signed by and does not have two witnesses who signed the document during [her] lifetime.” Homer’s argument was that the will was invalid because it “was not signed by and does not have two witnesses who signed the document

The actress from “Six Days Seven Nights” passed away on August 12 following a car accident that occurred on August 5 and left her in a coma. Her age was 53.

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