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HyunA and DAWN Broke Up

HyunA and DAWN, who were our favourite duo in the K-pop world, are no longer together.

On the 30th of November, Hyuna made the announcement by posting a message on her Instagram account. This is what she wrote:

“We broke up. We came to the conclusion that going forward, we will continue to be both wonderful friends and coworkers. We are grateful to you for your support and the devotion with which you have followed us.

In 2018, K-pop sensation HyunA acknowledged her relationship with DAWN in an Instagram post, and the duo also verified their relationship with various Korean media sources, which sparked controversy with both of their respective agencies. HyunA and DAWN are both signed with agencies in South Korea. The former member of the female group 4minute stated that she made the decision to communicate about her relationship because she wanted to be honest with her fans about everything, including her personal life.

The same year saw the announcement made by Cube Entertainment that they will be terminating HyunA’s contract. She shared a video on Instagram depicting her and Dawn together after the news broke about the scandal. Dawn was let go from her position at the agency not long after that occurred. Two idols have stated that the Internet was the medium via which they learned of their dismissal.

Psy, the singer behind the hit song “Gangnam Style,” is the head of the record label P Nation, which HyunA and DAWN joined in 2019. They also recently published their debut duet album, which is titled “1+1=1,” to display their love for one another.

Fans were taken aback earlier in the year when the pair posted a video to their Instagram account showing both of their hands adorned with sparkling opal rings on each of the ring fingers of their respective ring fingers.

“MARRY ME,” is what is written in the caption for DAWN’s post.

HyunA also shared on her Instagram account a picture of the rings along with a series of heartfelt thank-yous to Dawn, writing, “Thank you, thank you, and always thank you.”

P NATION issued an official statement a couple of months ago claiming that HyunA and DAWN’s contracts with the agency had just terminated due to the passage of time.

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