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How Marg Helgenberger Was Reintroduced as Catherine Willows on ‘csi: Las Vegas’

On Thursday’s episode of CSI: Vegas on CBS, Marg Helgenberger returned to her role as Catherine Willows after being absent from the world of yellow tape and bloody bodies for the better part of a decade. It would appear that her character’s so-called “retirement,” which consisted of serving on the board of the Eclipse hotel and mentoring young women in forensic science, wasn’t all that fulfilling, which is why the episode began with her asking Maxine (Paula Newsome) for her old gig back. Her “retirement” duties included mentoring young women in forensic science.

After the conclusion of the previous season, both Gil (William Petersen) and Sara (Jorja Fox) decided to leave their roles on the show and were never replaced. Consequently, there were a handful of job opportunities available. However, in reality, Petersen only contracted for one year on CSI: Vegas, and Fox decided not to return for a second season of the show. It would appear that the Grissoms are currently on a yacht somewhere in the Arctic circle.

And with that, Catherine is immediately put to work at an “s*x dungeon” where a dominatrix has been discovered killed and very bloody. Catherine uses words and phrases such as “molecular map creation” to demonstrate to Joshua (played by Matt Lauria) that she is still intellectually capable, but when he questions her about her unexpected return to the investigation team, she keeps suspiciously quiet. Catherine then receives a phone call and dashes out to a crowded place, where she believes she sees a woman named Grace but is unable to catch up with her for some reason.

At the conclusion of the show, Maxine has a sneaking suspicion that there is another motivation for Catherine’s desire to get back within the yellow tape. It turned out that she was a mentor to a young woman whose name was Grace. Grace was a former dancer who was working part-time at the Eclipse while she was also attending school to become a CSI. However, the woman has not been seen for three weeks, and no one at the hotel seemed concerned about her disappearance. Catherine has a hunch that the hotel is trying to hide something, but she isn’t sure what. And who exactly?

Marg Helgenberger Was Reintroduced

The episode comes to a close with the appearance of someone, possibly Grace. … while they were dormant in a sandy tomb.

Before Helgenberger would commit to returning to CSI, she told reporters earlier this month that she “wanted to make sure there was a reason Catherine would come back to the work.” Catherine is one of the main characters on the show.

“It’s a challenging job. Why would Catherine, at this point in her life, decide to return? ” stated Helgenberger. “That was something that was essential to me. Regarding that topic, I had a number of discussions with Jason Tracey, who is the showrunner. I want to get this perfect as much as possible, and I think we did.”

Helgenberger has committed to returning to the procedural by signing a contract for the duration of one year. “I can tell that you respect me, and for that I am extremely glad. Working with everyone has been a fantastically enjoyable experience overall. The set is very different from the one that was originally available. In point of fact, I’m still finding new rooms to explore. Because everyone has been so friendly and gracious, of course I miss some of the old crew, but I’ve gotten over that fairly fast because of how nice everyone has been.

CSI: Vegas is a production of CBS Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer Television’s respective television divisions. Tracey, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, KristieAnne Reed, Anthony Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn, Ann Donahue, Craig O’Neill, William Petersen, and Cindy Chvatal serve as executive producers for the show. Uta Briesewitz contributed to the production of the pilot episode exclusively.

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