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How Did Tim Feerick Die? Why Was Tim Famous?

How Did Tim Feerick Die? If you’re curious as to what killed Tim Feerick, the bassist for Dance Gavin Dance, at the age of 34, you’ve come to the correct spot. Continue reading to learn the tragic circumstances surrounding Dance Gavin Dance Bassist’s untimely demise.

Who was Tim Feerick?

He was a musician and entrepreneur from Sacramento, California, United States, known for his singing, songwriting, performing, bass playing, and social media influence. As the lead bassist for the popular American band Dance Gavin Dance, 34-year-old Tim enjoyed widespread renown. Tim reportedly became a touring member of the band in 2008.

How Did Tim Feerick Die?

Bassist Tim Feerick of Dance Gavin Dance passed away between April 13 and 14, the band said in a statement. Feerick was a longtime member of the Dance Gavin Dance cast. He first started working there in 2009, but he quit the following year. His death of cause is unknown.

The band’s most recent album, Afterburner, featured him on bass guitar. In 2012, he rejoined the group, taking Eric Lodge’s place as bassist. Unfortunately, the details surrounding his untimely demise remain sketchy.

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Why Was Tim Feerick Famous?

As a recognised band member of the Dance Gavin Dance troupe.

Tim’s Death Announcement

Tim’s death was verified by the band on Instagram, where they sent a note to fans as well as a picture of Tim playing bass during one of their shows.  An official told The Washington Post on Friday that a California coroner is investigating the premature death of Dance Gavin Dance bassist Tim Feerick, 34.

According to papers from the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office, the rocker died of unexplained circumstances on Wednesday at a modest apartment building known as “The Retreat” on the city’s east side.

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What Happened to Tim Feerick?

Bernadette Alaniz, Feerick’s mother, has stated that she found her son dead in his Sacramento apartment from what is believed to be a fentanyl overdose.

Who Plays Bass for Dance Gavin Dance?

While no one can ever live up to Tim’s contributions to the band, we have invited Sergio Medina, a mutual friend and someone who has previously collaborated with Tim, to fill in on bass for the next gigs.

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How Long Has Tim Participated in Dance Gavin Dance?

The group was first established in 2005, but Feerick didn’t join until 2009. After joining the band in 2011, he has helped Dance Gavin Dance put out six albums: Downtown Battle Mountain II (2013), Acceptance Speech (2015), Instant Gratification (2015), Mothership (2016), Artificial Selection (2018), and Afterburner (2020).


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