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How Did Goonew Die? What Was The Reason For His Death?

Rapper Goonew died on March 18; he was only 24 years old. People are curious about How Did Goonew Died? To learn more about How Did Goonew Die, simply continue reading.

How Did Goonew Die?

Markelle Antonio Morrow, also known as Goonew, was shot and killed on March 18 during a heist. His frequent collaborations with Lil Dude are well-known. The management of Goonew confirmed the report to the Washington Post and stated that he died shortly after being transported to the hospital. Patrice Morrow, Goonew’s mother, stated, “All he wanted to do was attempt to bring his family out of the hood. His heart was larger than his body, and when they took him, they also took me.” Goonew’s age was 24 years.

What Was The Reason For His Death?

Goonew was fatally shot during a heist. The shooting occurred in District Heights on Friday, March 18th. It was reported to the Prince George County Police Department, who issued a statement stating, “Homicide Unit Detectives are attempting to identify and locate the offender who fatally shot a man in District Heights on Friday.” Markelle Morrow, a 24-year-old resident of Washington, DC, is the victim. Up to $25,000 is being offered as a reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment in this case.

Rapper Goonew Dead

Goonew, a rapper, died after being shot during a heist. Despite being transported to the hospital, he did not survive. The PGCPD tweeted, “We are investigating a fatal gunshot in the 3400 block of Walters Lane in District Heights.” At approximately 5:40 PM, cops responded to a report of a shooting in the vicinity.

On arrival, they discovered an adult guy with a gunshot wound. The sufferer has been taken to a hospital for life-menacing wounds. At approximately 17:30, the patient was pronounced deceased.”

goonew cause of death

Rapper Announces Deceased Body

People grieved the death of rapper Goonew at an event labeled the Final Show, alongside the musician’s embalmed body. It has not been determined if this is the actual body or a mannequin. The deceased was wearing ripped jeans, an Armani hoodie, sneakers, and a watch. He has been propped up, and a crown sits above his head.

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The internet is divided about whether the event was unpleasant and rude or wild. His mother was inconsolable after he was fatally shot, and she exclaimed, “They snatched his chain.” They stole his timepiece. He surrendered, but they still shot him in the back.”

Who Was Goonew the Rapper?

Markelle Antonio Morrow, also known as Goonew, is an American rapper who rose to prominence in 2017 with the release of the mixtape Certified Goon. The next year, he released Goonwick, Big 64, and Goodrich Urkel. His debut album, Still Servin’, was released in 2019 He frequently worked with Lil Dude, and the two frequently released mixtapes jointly. Throughout his career, he has also collaborated with Xanman, A$AP Ant, Kayvo, and Kenzo.


What was the real name of Goonew?

The real name of Goonew was Markelle Antonio Morrow.

What age is Goonew?

Goonew’s age is 24 years.

What is the name of Goonew’s mother?

Goonew’s mother’s name is Patrice Morrow.

How did Goonew die?

Goonew was fatally shot.

Who did Goonew cooperate with frequently?

Goonew frequently collaborated with Lil Dude.

What was the name of Goonew’s debut mixtape?

The title of his mixtape was Certified Goon.

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