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Grand Army Season 2 Release Date: Meet the Stellar Cast of Season 2!

Grand Army Season 2 Release Date: The much-anticipated Netflix show “Grand Army” debuted in October 2020, and fans who eagerly watched all nine episodes were left wanting more after the show’s emotional ending. Katie Cappiello came up with the idea for the show, which is loosely based on her thought-provoking play “Cappiello’s Sl*t: The Play.”

The story takes place in the lively setting of Grand Army High School. It is about the hard journeys of five different kids who are trying to deal with the problems that life throws at them.

This school, which is the biggest public high school in Brooklyn, becomes a place where their individual problems, collective strength, and search for who they are all come together.

Grand Army Season 2 Release Date

Grand Army is a Netflix original show about five high school kids in Brooklyn who are dealing with different personal and social problems. The first episode of the show, which is based on a play by Katie Cappiello, aired on October 16, 2020. Critics and fans had mixed things to say about it.

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Even though the show had some loyal fans, Netflix canceled it after only one season because of low numbers and a lot of controversy about the show.

Grand Army Season 2 Release Date

As of right now, there is no clear date for season 2 of Grand Army, and it’s unlikely that another platform will pick it up.

But if the show is somehow brought back to life, fans can expect to see the main cast and the unfinished plots from season 1 continue. Season 2 of Grand Army wouldn’t come out until sometime in 2023 at the earliest.

Grand Army Season 2 Cast Members

Actor/Actress Character
Odessa A’zion Joey Del Marco
Odley Jean Dominique
Amir Bageria Siddhartha
Maliq Johnson Jayson Jackson
Amalia Yoo Leila Kwan Zimmer
Alphonso Romero Jones II John Ellis
Thelonius Serrell-Freed Tim Delaney
Anthony Ippolito George Wright
Brian Altemus Luke Friedman

Grand Army Season 2 Storyline

The Netflix show Grand Army follows the lives of five high school students in Brooklyn as they deal with terrorism, racism, sexism, and sexual abuse.

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The end of the first season left a lot of questions and problems unanswered. In season 2, we can expect to see how Joey, who was raped by her old friends Luke and George, gets justice with the help of Tim, who saw the crime happen.

We would also see how Owen, a talented saxophonist, gets over being suspended for a prank gone wrong, and how Jayson, his rival and friend, deals with the effects of his protest at the Lincoln Center.

Sid and Victor would also talk about their relationship and deal with any homophobia they might face. Leila, who was the most mysterious and unhappy character, had to deal with the effects of her fake bomb threat and her confusion about who she was.

Grand Army Season 2 Trailer

Grand Army has not yet received an official confirmation from Netflix that it will return for a second season. However, many fans are expecting that the show will return soon based on the success and cliffhangers of the first season.

Grand Army Season 2 Release Date

If Grand Army is renewed, it will probably be released around October 2021 or later and adhere to a similar release schedule to other Netflix shows. The second season of Grand Army has not yet begun production, so there is also no trailer.

Grand Army IMDB Rating

In the drama series Grand Army, five high school students deal with sexual, racial, and economic politics as they try to succeed and become someone.

It is based on Katie Cappiello’s play “Slut: The Play” from 2013. Based on ratings from 8.5K users, the show has a 7.5/10 grade on IMDb. The ratings for each episode are different, with “Freedom” having the best rating of 8.3/10 on IMDb.


In the drama series Grand Army, five high school kids in New York City face problems and try to get through them. Katie Cappiello, who is also a co-creator and executive director, wrote the play that the show is based on. Critics and viewers have had mixed feelings about the show.

On IMDb, it has an average score of 7.5/10. The level of each episode of the show varies, with the finale, “Freedom,” being the best. Grand Army is a show that shows what it’s like to be a young person in today’s world and how hard it can be.

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