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Free Season 4: What’s the Release Date for Free! Season 4?

Season 3’s enigmatic finale — “see you in 2020…” — has fans requesting more of the swimming-themed anime, and the show’s makers have agreed. Nobody could have predicted what the year 2020 would bring, and with manufacturing delays causing the calendar to fall apart, we’ve all been forced to float around in a state of ambiguity for the past few months.

The tale of the Iwatobi Swim Club is based on a loose adaptation of the light novel “High Speed!” by Koji, as well as a loose adaptation of the film “Free!”

Since their earliest days in the water, the outstanding squad of swimmers at the club, which is led by Haruka Nanase, the protagonist of the film, has demonstrated that they are capable of competing at the top level. The boys’ friendships shift as a direct result of their varying levels of success in their sporting endeavours, which leads to the unavoidable consequence of their passionate competition spilling over onto the ground itself.

It was a massive phenomenon when the series debuted in 2013, and the publication of season two the year after that further cemented its place as a staple in the sports anime subgenre. In spite of the fact that it was a gruelling four years before the release of Season 3 of “Free!” in 2018, fans were not totally kept in the dark throughout that period. The co-creators of the show, Kyoto Studios and Animation Do, will begin releasing a film series based on the characters from the show beginning in the year 2015.

Free Season 4

This episode contained a rundown of the previous two seasons, in addition to providing some extra information that served as a foreshadowing to the upcoming events of the third season. This was reflected in the manner in which the 2019 film “Free! Road to the World – the Dream” revisited Season 3 while at the same time making an effort to keep the waters of the future a little bit cloudy.

What’s the Release Date for Free! Season 4?

According to The Cinemaholic, fans of “Free!” have been anticipating the fourth season ever since the show’s third season finished with the promise of more episodes in 2020. Since then, they have been raising their hopes that the show will actually deliver on its promise of more episodes. According to Keeperfacts, the creators of the series had planned to release new content to coincide with the event that would take place after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This would provide a perfect opportunity for the anime’s swimming heroes to compete in their various sports.

However, as was the case with almost everything else in the previous year, the Olympics have been postponed until July 2021; as a result, the publication date of “Free!” has also been pushed back to that time frame.

The Tokyo-based Kyoto Studios has revealed that the first film in a brand-new film series named “Free: The Final Stroke” will be released on September 17, 2021, and that the second film in the series will be released on April 22, 2022. The announcement was made by the studio earlier this week. The first part of this series is referred to by its working title, “Free: The Final Stroke.” There is still a chance that the Olympics will be delayed or cancelled altogether; however, it is hard to say with absolute certainty whether or not this will happen at this time.

This is the point at which things start to become a little bit unclear: In spite of the fact that we have reliable information regarding movies, we have not yet obtained any official confirmation of the existence of Season 4. “The Final Stroke” will be different from the other films in the “Free!” franchise, despite the fact that it will serve as a prologue to the fourth season of the television show that bears the same name.

Is it possible that this is due to the fact that its title implies that it will provide the concluding chapter of the swimmers’ saga? Even if it is too soon to speculate on how things will progress, it is interesting to think about the people whose lives have not yet been chronicled.

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Who Will Be a Part of the Free! Season 4 Cast?

Despite the fact that Haruka, the character who served as the initial protagonist, is still the focal point of the narrative, it seems likely that Nobunaga Shimazaki will play the same part in the next movie. Since Daisuke Hirakawa’s teammate Rei Ryugazaki is still still in the running for the position, it is not inconceivable that he will return at some point in the future.

At the end of the previous season, Makoto Tachibana expressed an interest in training professional swimmers, such as his best friend Haruka. As a result, we can anticipate that he will play a significant role in whatever is to come, and we can also anticipate that voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki will return in some capacity. As a result of the fact that he took over for Hiroko Utsumi as the show’s director during Season 3 and the fact that he remained involved with “Free!” throughout the rest of the series’ film episodes, it is highly likely that Eisaku Kawanami will return in the future to direct the next film chapter of the series.

Although neither “The Final Stroke” nor the fourth season have been confirmed to feature any new cast members, there has been widespread conjecture (including that which was expressed by Herald Journalism) to the effect that they will do so. Despite this, none of these things have been officially acknowledged. Take a look at this list of possible stories involving new and existing characters…

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What Exactly Is the Storyline of Free? Season 4?

Because of the show’s connection to the Tokyo Olympics, you do not need to be a gold medalist in intelligent forecasting to guess where the plot of Season 4 or the film series will take you. In fact, all you need is a gold medal in clever forecasting. Since the previous season concluded with Haruka making a solemn oath to carry on with his swimming career and compete at a higher level, we have high hopes that the upcoming fourth season of this show will bring him one step closer to achieving his international goals and vying for a spot on the Olympic podium.

Free Season 4

However, in the wake of the financial crisis, we are not the only ones who are apprehensive about the viability of his ambition and whether or not it will be stifled.

In the last episode, our protagonists were split up into two distinct groups: one narrative followed those who continued to swim for Iwatobi High School, while the other followed those who had graduated and were now swimming at the university level.

However, the anime review channel KANJIC points out that despite the fact that both of those threads have plenty of room to develop further, delving deeper into character relationships is likely to be a popular option given the fact that some of the show’s most beloved characters, such as the breast-stroke champion Nagisa, are now in charge of the high school club. In other words, the show has a lot of potential for further plot development.

The release of “The Final Stroke” in September, provided that all goes according to plan, should make the future of “Free!” crystal clear, much like the bottom of an Olympic swimming pool in the summertime.

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