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Forcibly Seizing a Woman During a Lecture Has Landed Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead in Jail.

A Brooklyn bishop who was previously stolen of one million dollars’ worth of jewellery during the middle of one of his sermons is back in the news after allegedly groping a woman during one of his live-streamed sermons.

The occurrence reportedly took place on Sunday, as reported by The New York Daily News. According to the reports, Bishop Lamor Whitehead grabbed the woman whom he felt to be a danger to his family.

Whitehead stated this to the Daily News a few hours after he was finally let free, saying, “They lock me up in front of my children, in front of my wife, and in front of my church.” “They humiliated me in front of everyone, and then two hours later they dropped all of the allegations against me and apologised to me.”

Whitehead explained to the news organisation that he was giving a sermon at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry in Canarsie when two women entered the building in the midst of him delivering the message.

He recalled, “I was almost done with my sermon when these two young girls came in and sat in the back.” “I was almost finished with my preaching.”

“You want to give a sermon here? Make your way up here, “During the live stream of the services that was being broadcast on social media, Whitehead was heard saying something to one of the women who could be heard shouting off-camera. “I’m going to make you famous.”

Brooklyn Bishop Lamor

The heckling can be heard continuing in the background as the bishop is shown on the video walking away from the camera and telling someone, “Now move her out of here.”

The video then shows one of the women approaching him from the other direction.

Whitehead stated that the woman entered the centre aisle of the store and immediately began cursing at her, calling her a variety of names, and calling her a variety of other things.

“She came back storming toward my wife and my 10-month-old baby,” he continued to say. “She was yelling and screaming the whole time.” “When she started walking near my wife, I reached out and grabbed her. I grabbed her by the arm and led her out of the building. The only thing that stayed in my mind was the men who were armed and how one of them pointed a gun at my kid.”

On the footage, Whitehead can be seen grabbing the lady by the scruff of the neck and pushing her away from the camera before yelling, “Get away from me!” “Grab her! Grab her!.

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