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Florida Mother Promotes Mental Health Crisis Hotline and Suicide Prevention

Hunter Haskins was a talented athlete in a variety of sports, a college student, and a much-loved son. However, his mother, Kelly Haskins, received a phone call exactly one year ago from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida informing her that her son had taken his own life and died by suicide.

According to what Kelly Haskins said to CBS News, “it was the moment our world came to an end.” The relatives of the 18-year-old did not notice any warning flags.

According to Kelly Haskins, “He passed away shortly after receiving the news that he had failed a math test.” “Our hearts sank when we heard that.”

Kelly Haskins is of the opinion that her son, Hunter Haskins, may still be alive if the new suicide and crisis lifeline that is available nationwide at 988 had been available. The number 988, which is the mental health equivalent of 911, is simple to remember, in contrast to the 10-digit hotline number.

The most recent information reveals that the total number of calls, which includes texts and chats, increased by 32% in September 2022 compared to the same month the previous year, which was before the 988 number was implemented.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, recently gave an interview to CBS News in which he stated, “We know Americans are hurting, and now they’re calling.”

According to Beccera, the administration of Vice President Joe Biden has allocated more than $430 million to assist in funding state initiatives. But, as he pointed out, “The United States Federal Government does not run the facility. It is necessary for each state to possess 988.”

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, just five states, including California, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia, provide permanent financing for 988 programmes. These states are:

Kelly Haskins has been chatting via text with a counsellor so that she may get a better idea of what an in-person session is like.

“Overall, I felt like we had a productive discussion,” she stated at the conclusion of it all.

Currently, she is working toward the goal of having a 988 sticker affixed to the laptop of each and every high school and college student.

“Simply looking to contribute in a constructive way. And doing what you can to save a life, “— I quote her. “I want to accomplish it.”

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